No more excuses...start crafting with your kids today using our easy "In the Bag" system and craft flashcards at your fingertips.


(You can't even go to McDonald's for that these days)

  • Having good intentions and wanting to make crafts with your kids but never quite finding the time. I're already busy trying to make sure everyone makes it through the day alive.
  • Always searching for something that'll just hold your child's attention for at least 30 seconds...without a screen involved.
  • Seeing all of the Pinterest moms out there seemingly killing it...when you know that you're an Amazon Prime kind of mom.
  • Looking back on your week and wondering where has the time gone?

I get it! You're exhausted, and crafting is just one more thing on the ever growing "to do" list...But you're not doing anything wrong!

And I know that I can least in this small you craft ideas that are super low prep, ready to go, just print and that you can truly connect with your kids away from the screens...even if it's just for a few moments during the week. Crafting is the perfect thing.

You'll never regret the time you spend making things with your kids.

The Crafty Inspiration You've Been Waiting for is HERE...

Crafting with your kids is supposed to by FUN!!! It doesn't need to be just another thing on your growing to "to do" list. These craft flashcard sets are an easy way to start crafting memories together TODAY.

The Crafty Inspiration You've Been Waiting for is HERE...

Crafting with your kids is supposed to by FUN!!! It doesn't need to be just another thing on your growing to "to do" list. These craft flashcard sets are an easy way to start crafting memories together TODAY.

Is Crafting with Your Kids Just Too Much Hassle and Way Too Messy?


  • Have everything that you need for crafting with your kids in one little ready to go bag (and no glitter in sight!)
  • Stop wasting your time scrolling the internet to find things to make together
  • Never be without that "key ingredient" when in the middle of a project
  • Make crafts with your kids with almost zero prep needed, just grab and go!
  • Have a strategy for crafty with your kids that limits the mess and makes clean up a breeze

"Thank you for all these fantastic resources and ideas! I am not really a diy/crafts whizz, so all of these are of great help to me! :)" ~Bori




(a $59 value)

  • A digital collection of 100 kids' craft flashcard sets to make creating together so easy
  • Master list of supplies that fit into one bag, used to make every single craft in the set
  • Everything you need to start crafting with your kids TODAY
  • Low to no prep crafts to make with your kids


What the heck are craft flashcards anyway?

I'm so glad you asked! And the answer is simple...they're printable cards that break a craft down into bite-sized steps with written instructions and pictures to guide you through the process of making a craft together. Each set includes a list of materials too (which all come from the master list of items in your bag, of course).

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"I absolutely love your crafts! They look so simple and fun to do." ~Megan

Here are ALL of the crafts in this flashcard collection

  • Paper lion
  • Paper plate kangaroo
  • Stuffed koala
  • 3 Scoop ice cream cone
  • Paper giraffe
  • Laced football
  • Paper plate frog
  • Flying horse mobile
  • Wiggly-eared dog
  • DIY fishing game
  • Feelings masks
  • Popsicle stick dalmatian
  • Elmer the elephant
  • Yarn dandelions
  • Rocking dancers
  • Curious George
  • Paper Crocodile
  • Clown yourself
  • Popsicle stick chickie
  • Caterpillar mobile
  • Painted butterfly
  • Fluffy bunnies
  • Bugs in the grass
  • Washi tape bracelets
  • Rocking bumblebee
  • Stuffed penguin
  • Washi tape nests
  • Beanie hat
  • Flying saucer
  • Apple craft
  • Acorn puppets
  • Clothespin porcupine
  • Paper plate turtle
  • Bunny mobile
  • Painted sloth craft
  • Paper shark
  • Fluffy polar bears
  • Raccoon art & craft
  • Rainbow mask
  • Popsicle stick owls
  • Rattling rattle snake
  • Lacing polar bear
  • Weaving penguin craft
  • Paper turkey craft
  • Newspaper Mickey
  • Yarn polar bear
  • Pete the cat mobile
  • Newspaper sea turtle
  • Painted penguin craft
  • Stuffed zebra
  • Firefly puppet
  • Paper bag cat crafts
  • Penguin card
  • Painted cow craft
  • Lunch bag owl crafts
  • Stuffed sheep
  • Newspaper songbirds
  • Painted bunny craft
  • Newspaper pillows
  • Rattle drum
  • Mother hen craft
  • Dancing monkey
  • Minnie pouch
  • Longneck dinosaurs
  • Llama craft
  • Popsicle stick bee
  • Paper plate robin
  • School of fish banner
  • Popsicle stick bus
  • Scratch art banner
  • Shape art
  • Big bad wolf craft
  • Popsicle stick spider
  • Triceratops craft
  • Robot puppets
  • Lacing zebra
  • Newspaper panda bear
  • Patriotic kite
  • Shape puppets
  • Painted skunk craft
  • Snowy owl craft
  • Paper bag village
  • Newspaper soccer ball
  • Stuffed turkey
  • Life-sized sunflower
  • DIY tic tac toe board
  • White tiger craft
  • Popsicle stick pig
  • Rooster craft
  • Brontosaurus craft
  • Strawberry craft
  • Popsicle stick octopus
  • Oyster in a shell craft
  • Cat gift bag
  • Fluffy panda bears
  • Weaving cloud craft
  • Fishbowl craft
  • Popsicle stick dog
  • Weather bookmarks
  • Fluffy sheep craft

Think You Don't Have Time to Craft with Your Kids?...


  • Prep your bag using our master list of craft supplies
  • Print out the flashcards for the crafts you want to make
  • Put the flashcards on a keychain to attach to your craft bag
  • Find just a spare 15 minutes-any time, anywhere!
  • Craft some memories!!!

Hi! I'm Joy.

I'm the founder and chief creator at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I've developed a passion for helping kids develop skills needed to be successful in school and life. And I love to see parents connecting with their children in meaningful ways. It's truly my belief that the best way to do that is through play, especially through the creative process (like doing crafts)! But life is busy!!! So, I've designed a unique approach that makes creating with your kids actually do-able and enjoyable, not just one more stress-filled thing on the to-do list. We do this by keeping the crafts simple and making each one from the SAME master list of supplies which fit into one bag. REALLY! It's that simple.


"Thank you so much! I was needing inspiration! I will be using your site all the time now!" ~Sheri

The Benefits of Using Craft Flashcards

Why use craft flashcards when you can just print out a craft online?

Grab & Go!

Print the flashcards in advance and put them on a keychain. Throw them in any bag or even attach them to the handle for easy access. No need for screens or access to wifi. Fill you bag using the master list of supplies, and you already have everything that you need to craft the day away!

Keeps Things Simple

Breaking a project down into bite-sized steps makes crafting so much easier! And it's great for little ones who are still learning complex tasks. Only put out as many cards at a time as they're ready for.

Increase Attention Span

With this flashcard format, you can only present as much information as you know your child can handle at once in order to avoid overwhelm. Complete a step, take a break...repeat...increasing the number of cards as attention span improves.

Improve Cognitive Skills

Using this craft flashcard approach to crafting can enhance an already great learning activity. Mix up the cards and have your child put them in the right order for a sequencing activity. Or flip one over after reading it and focus on memory skills. So many possibilities!

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