Want to Craft with Your Kids but Not Sure Where to Start?

The truth is, we often have good intentions but no follow through (or is that just me?) Because...life is busy!!! especially when you have little ones. You may really want to craft with your kids, but time just gets away from you...am I right?

So, we're making it a little easier by putting a craft a week at your fingertips. And, as always, we are making ALL of these creative projects from the master list of supplies that fit into one bag. That means you can hit the ground running...no extra prep needed.

This "Craft a Week" calendar includes...

  • A craft idea for every week of the year
  • 4 Bonus crafts
  • Links to the full tutorials online
  • An introduction with some tips for crafting with kids

And it's totally FREE!!!

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craft a week calendar for kids

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"I absolutely love your crafts! They look so simple and fun to do." ~Megan

Hey there, I'm Joy.

Hi! My name is Joy, and I am the founder and chief creator at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have developed a passion for helping parents truly connect with their children in meaningful ways while
also helping kids develop skills needed to be successful in school and life. It is truly my belief that the best way to do that is through play, and especially through the creative process (like doing crafts)! But life is busy!!! So, I have designed a unique approach that makes creating with your family actually do-able and enjoyable, not just one more stress-filled thing on the to-do list. We do this by keeping the crafts simple and making each from the SAME master list of supplies which fit into one bag. REALLY!

Get My FREE "Craft a Week" Calendar

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