Looking for a Great Gift for Your Preschooler?

Finding just the right gift can be such a challenge… believe me, I know! You want it to be perfect without spending an arm and a leg. And we all know that Preschoolers are notorious for liking the box better than the gift inside. As a pediatric occupational therapist, it is also important for a toy to have a purpose, to help teach life skills. And, of course, it needs to be crazy fun! After all, play is the work of childhood! So, let me help. Check out this awesome guide that I have taken great time and care to prepare just for you to make finding that perfect gift for your preschooler this Christmas (and beyond) that much easier!

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Christmas 2019

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    Please be advised that the gift guide includes affiliates links. That means if you decide to by any of the toys recommended, I will earn a little bit of moula. However, my recommendations have not been swayed in any way by the possibility of monetary return. Each choice was made entirely on the merit of the item.