We are all about education around here. And, as an experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist, all of the crafts that we make are intended to be more than just fun (and they are FUN!). They are also meant to help develop much needed skills for life. It’s not just about fine motor coordination…there are so many things that children can gain from the creative experience. From social skills to sensory regulation to cognitive skills…and so much more!

To take this a step farther, we have developed our ITBKC Academy where we are developing trainings for parents (and anyone who works with kiddos) to find the best ways to teach developmental skills. It is not always so straight forward, and there is a lot of conflicting or even wrong information out there. These courses will take you by the hand and help you help your child with confidence.

Click on the course that you are interested in for more info:

“Get a Grip” mini course for improving pencil grasp {FREE}

“Scissor Success” course for learning to use scissors

“Get Your S#@! Together So You Can Craft with Your Kids” Challenge

OR simply go to our Teachable Academy and check out all of the offerings in one place. We plan to keep growing the academy and would love to know what you want to learn about. Drop us an email at hello@inthebagkidscrafts.com