Are your kids' craft supplies in total chaos? Join my "Get Your S#@! Together So You Can Craft with Your Kids" Challenge TODAY!

Completing this simple 5-step challenge will literally buy you the time that you need for creating with your family. Make crafting memories together a priority. Let me show you how to stay organized and ready to make things even when life is hectic.


For being a part of our "In the Bag Kids' Crafts" family...join the challenge for this LOW PRICE!

You are just 5 easy steps away from being ready to create things with your kids, even when life is hectic

1 Choose the Right Bag

We will walk through what to look for in a bag (or bag alternative) so that your kids' craft supplies can be kept safe and, most importantly, used often.

2 Fill It With the Right Stuff

You don't need everything and the kitchen sink to make a great craft with your kids. Let me help you find the best supplies to keep on hand.

3 Fit It All Together

But how will you fit all of those fun crafty tidbits into your one little bag? We have the answers!

4 Time to Get Crafty

Crafting with your kids has never been so easy now that your supplies are organized and ready. Time to stretch those imaginations.

5 Always Look Ahead

When you finish one craft it's time to look ahead so that you can make more and more crafts. Find out the best way to shut it all down too.

Ready for the "Get Your S#@! Together So You Can Craft with Your Kids" Challenge?

Crafting with your kids does not need to be complicated and time consuming.

Don't overthink it! Let me show you how simple it can be.


You will never regret the time you spend making things with your me.

This Challenge Will...

  • Literally Find Time to Craft with Your Kids that You Didn't Think You Even Had
  • Give You 5 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Kids' Craft Supplies and KEEP them organized
  • Help You Learn How to Foster Your Child's Imagination
  • Give You Ways for Preserving Those Precious Crafty Memories
  • Help You See How to Set Up Your Kids' Craft Bag with a Video Tutorial

Who's behind this challenge?

Joy is the founder and creative director behind the brand "In the Bag Kids' Crafts". She says that "Imagining is now my job" and has a passion for sharing simple kids crafts that encourage creativity. It warms her heart to see families crafting together. Her approach to making kids' crafts is not only just for the fun of it, but she also puts her pediatric occupational therapist skills to work so that her crafts help to promote essential developmental skills.

In her free time, Joy enjoys reading, sleeping and ordering dinner out. Oh, and of course spending time with her family.