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    Each of the special projects in this kids' crafts eBook takes inspiration from a classic children's storybook. There are 13 bookish crafts in all, each with beautiful photos, step-by-step instructions (with pics), supply list, and templates. (And you will not want to miss the bonuses too!)

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    Kids' Crafts For Real Life

    Fill Your Bag and craft along!

    "What is this 'bag' she keeps talking about?" Well, I am so glad you asked...Have you ever started to make a recipe from your favorite cooking show just to realize half way into making dinner that you are missing a key ingredient? I hate that feeling, and I don't want that to happen to you while crafting here with me. My goal is to make creating with your kids fun and do-able! That is why EVERY craft on this site can be completed from the same master list of basic craft supplies that fit into one bag. Check out the "Fill Your Bag" page to learn more. You do not need a PhD in craftology, and your kids do not need to be the next Rembrandt. Let's just dig in, get our hands a little dirty, learn a lot and have a blast doing it together!

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