No matter what space you do (or don't) have in your home, it makes all the difference if you can just carve out a nook for the kids to be creative. This can also double as their homework or home school/virtual school space. And I want to help you make it the best most efficient space that you can for optimal creativity and organization. Because the right tools matter.

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A cart that you can push out of the way is priceless! If you only get one piece for your creative nook, this is it!

Choose a table that fits the needs of your child and the space that you have available. The second table and chairs set is adjustable for height.

A corner desk is perfect for getting more workspace out of a small nook.

And just because it's functional doesn't mean it shouldn't be pretty too. This chair comes in a variety of colors and is adjustable for height.

This is an inexpensive storage option and can take several forms based on the space that you have.

Or you could upgrade to this beauty!

This is a great option if you have a little more space. The cubbies are perfect for tucking items out of the way.

Be sure to have plenty of light.

A peg board with some attachments, like these jars, is a great way to get things up and out of the way.

This shelf is just the perfect addition to your creative space. Add books, finished projects, or whatever you want!

The perfect little cushion, throw it on the floor for a place to sit and create or read.

(comes in a variety of colors)

Display all of those fun art projects!

Just hang these on a sturdy curtain rod for more storage.

Add some decorative hooks for whatever!