Summer Crafts for Kids

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Spider Craft for Kids

Spider Craft for Kids

This spider craft for kids is fun and simple to make, but it’s so much more than just your every day craft. Once you’re done creating, this spider becomes a great fine motor activity for kiddos. It will help improve finger strength and dexterity and promote and mature pinch pattern, which comes in handy when…


Picnic Craft for Toddlers

This picnic craft for toddlers goes together quickly and is fun to make. The best is that when you are finished making it, you can use it to enjoy a summer snack. We picked raisins for our snack because they reminded us of little ants, like every good picnic has. But you can choose your…


Easy Bee Craft for Kids

This paper bee craft is perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, or really any kiddo who just wants to make a fun and simple craft. Once it goes together, it’s a great opportunity to teach about the importance of bees for our world and all the good that they do. Crafting has so many benefits. Not only…


Paper Plate Frog Craft

This paper plate frog craft could not be easier to make. It is the perfect preschool frog craft and takes just a few supplies from “In the Bag”. Did you know that we have a list of supplies that we recommend you keep in your kids’ craft bag? (The reason for our name). And not…

elephant thank you card

Horton Hears a Who Craft

This Horton Hears a Who craft is perfect for celebrating Dr. Seuss Reading Week or really to make any day at all.  “Horton Hears a Who” is a classic story by Dr. Seuss with such a wonderful theme for kids of any age (and adults for that matter).  Horton, the elephant, comes to realize that…


Bookmark Ideas for Students

Today we are going to learn how to make a bookmark. And not just any bookmark, but actually three weather themed bookmarks with special painting techniques and a little bit of soft fuzzies too. These make great DIY gifts for family and friends. And they are easy to make bookmark ideas for students who benefit…


DIY Camp Seat Cushion

How many of you were once a Girl Scout (or Boy Scout)? I loved those days, especially the summer camp outs. Earning badges in fire making and etiquette, tying knots and survival skills…oh, the joys of childhood! And this craft comes directly from my memories of scouting, and nights spent around the campfire. One year…


DIY Fishing Game

This DIY fishing game is so fun and simple to make but even more fun to play! And if you read to the end you will find all kinds of ways to play this game and turn it into whatever you want it to be…a way to practice social skills, a competition or a learning…


Easy Fish Craft for Kids

You are going to love where this triangle frame takes us this time as we create a super easy fish craft from this basic shape! Make lots of fish in different colors and have the go to “school”. Make up stories and put on a puppet show. There are just so many ways to play…


Sea Turtle Craft for Kids

This sea turtle craft for kids is part of a week-long series of ocean animals…only one more to go. They are all so cute! And working through this series is a great way to teach your child about the amazing creatures of the sea and their ecosystem. Your Kids are Going to Absolutely LOVE This…


Octopus Craft for Kids

This octopus craft starts with a basic shape, the triangle. I just love starting with something so basic and seeing where it will take us. And this time it took us to the deep see with this super fun and easy octopus craft. If you like this octopus craft, you will LOVE this collection of…


7 Easy Bug Crafts for Kids

I never thought that I would say bug crafts are “cute”, but these ones really are. And I know that you will use your imaginations and make them your own. Who says that your bee has to be yellow…maybe yours is bright green or pink? The instructions for the easy insect crafts for kids are…

Paper Fox Craft

Paper Fox Craft

This simple paper plate fox craft is not only fun to make but also fun to play with when you’re done. Use it as a puppet and put on a show! And if you like this fox craft, you can also make this fox mobile, this paper plate fox craft and this sleeping fox craft….

watermelon slice coasters

Watermelon Kids Craft

I know, I know…I promised no more fruit (see more here: strawberry, pear, watermelon, orange slice, pineapple). But I just cannot let go of the sweetness of summer just yet! As a blogger, I am supposed to be giving you ideas for the fall about now…looking ahead and all. And there will be plenty of…

dandelion craft for kids

Dandelions Easy Kids’ Craft

One of my absolute favorite pictures from my own childhood is one of my cousin and I in a field of white dandelions, running through them and blowing the seeds to the wind.  It’s not just my favorite because, let’s face it, we were adorable, but because I can vividly remember that moment.  We were…