Fall Crafts for Kids

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Paper Plate Football Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Football Craft

This paper plate football craft is fun to make and even more fun to use…because when you’re finished you’re left with a pouch that can carry your favorite snacks, toys, craft supplies, treasures…whatever you want. Make the football a traditional color or use your favorite team colors. You can even use these at your next…


Paper Bat Craft (Process Art!)

This paper bat craft is extra special and one of the easiest crafts you will ever make with your kids. We’re going to use a process art technique that I call “squish” painting. It’s also sometimes call warshak painting because it results in designs that are symmetrical like those used for the Warshak psychological test….

Easy Mummy Craft for Kids made with popsicle sticks and washi tape

Easy Mummy Craft

This easy mummy craft uses one of my very favorite craft supplies…washi tape. If you’re not familiar with what washi tape, it’s a decorative paper tape that comes in almost any pattern you can imagine. And the best part is that it’s super affordable. I have a growing collection because I’ll just pick up one…

Halloween Target Games Pumpkins

Halloween Target Games

We’re going to teach you how to make and play two Halloween target games. And you can make both if you want or pick one. Of course, the most fun is in the playing of the Halloween game that you create. And finally, we will SNACK on something truly amazing and scrumptuous! So, without further…


Pumpkin Memory Game

You are going to love making and playing this pumpkin memory game. In this part of the country, it just beginning to actually feel like fall. I had to turn on the heat in the house last night to avoid freezing solid and pulled out all of my sweaters, which I love! Make this game…

DIY Paper Christmas Decorations

DIY Paper Christmas Decorations

These DIY paper Christmas decorations are absolutely next level. The big paper fan decorations alone are amazing on their own, but then add the adorable Rudolph or Gingerbread man to make it into a truly epic Christmas decoration for kids. These are better than Dollar Store DIY Christmas decorations but just as inexpensive. And, the…


Haunted House Craft Project

One of the best things about this time of year are the Halloween crafts! Seriously, it is so much fun to create with all the spookiness. And you are going to especially love this haunted house craft project which comes with its very own haunted house printable template and can be used as the perfect…


DIY Camp Seat Cushion

How many of you were once a Girl Scout (or Boy Scout)? I loved those days, especially the summer camp outs. Earning badges in fire making and etiquette, tying knots and survival skills…oh, the joys of childhood! And this craft comes directly from my memories of scouting, and nights spent around the campfire. One year…

Paper Fox Craft

Paper Fox Craft

This simple paper plate fox craft is not only fun to make but also fun to play with when you’re done. Use it as a puppet and put on a show! And if you like this fox craft, you can also make this fox mobile, this paper plate fox craft and this sleeping fox craft….


Pumpkin Pie Kids’ Craft

Yesterday we made some adorable smiling pilgrims, and then I thought to myself “Why are they so happy? Oh ya…pumpkin pie!” It is one of the best things about the Thanksgiving feast. I really don’t know if it was part of the very first Thanksgiving, but it will be on our table this holiday, with…

pilgrim kids' craft

Pilgrim Crafts for Kids

As we move through the fall season, there are so many opportunities to spend time with family…and so many chances to eat a ton a yummy comfort food. For me, it may be a tie between the family time and the good food that makes Thanksgiving so amazing! These pilgrim crafts for kids are a…

5 little pumpkins craft fingerprint bookmark

5 Little Pumpkins Kids Craft

A take on the classic earworm “5 Little Monkeys”, the “5 Little Pumpkins” song and story are a frequent visitor to every preschool classroom across the country this time of year. Pair it with this 5 Little Pumpkins Kids’ Craft and create an entire lesson plan around it. Or just share it as a bedtime…