Crafting with Your Kids Should be Easy (and FUN!!!)

And with our “In the Bag” system it is! To make crafting with your kids actually do-able, even when life is hectic, we use the same master list of supplies for every single craft on this site, like a capsule wardrobe…but for kids’ crafts! Just fill your bag to craft along. Let’s get started!

Latest Crafts

Snowman Name Craft

Snowman Name Craft

The best way for kids to learn is through play. This snowman name craft is the perfect winter craft to teach kids both to spell and write their names. You can use it in a classroom full of preschoolers or with your own kids at home. Stick around for a few name writing tips from…


Paper Bat Craft (Process Art!)

This paper bat craft is extra special and one of the easiest crafts you will ever make with your kids. We’re going to use a process art technique that I call “squish” painting. It’s also sometimes call warshak painting because it results in designs that are symmetrical like those used for the Warshak psychological test….

Pizza Craft for Kids made from paper plates

Pizza Craft Pouch

This pizza craft is extra special because it’s not just a craft. It’s also a pouch that you can use for holding your treasured possessions. We’ll even make a special pizza slice mini pouch or wallet to go with your pizza. This paper plate craft is perfect for any age, from toddlers to elementary aged….

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