Fun Activity for Working on “Separation of the Hand”

For this fun little activity, draw a trampoline and a stick figure on your child’s hand just below their pinky finger. You will see a natural crease across the hand when you bend your pinky and ring fingers down. Put the trampoline (or bed) below that crease and the jumping figure above the crease. Then have your kiddo flex just the ring finger and ring finger to make the character jump on the trampoline. Check it out…

And try these pencil exercises to improve fine motor dexterity

How to Make Your Skeleton Craft Dance

  • Find a flat neutral background somewhere in your house (or outside) where the lighting is good.
  • Place your skeleton there and position your skeleton however you want for a starting position.

  • Now put your camera over the skeleton craft pointing down at it. The camera and skeleton should be in the same place for every single picture that you take. If you have a tripod, use it. But if not, just figure out a way to prop your camera in a place where it is stable. One time, I taped my phone to the edge of a chair for this project.
  • Take a picture, move the skeleton a little, take another picture, move the skeleton a little, take another picture…and so on…until you have at least 20 pictures, if not more.

  • Then upload you photos into a video editor. There are lots of apps. I use Videoshop, and there is a free version in the app store. Once you have all of your photos in, reduce the time of each pic to about 30 seconds (or less if you want the skeleton to move faster).
  • Add some music or whatever other effects you want and download.

Learn How to Make a Tassel with This Video

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