Craft Template PDFs

SVG Cut Files:

Barnyard Dance

The Day the Crayons Quit

Dragons Love Tacos


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Flora and the Flamingo

Little Blue Truck

Julian is a Mermaid

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Pigeon Needs a Bath

The Snowy Day

Where the Wild Things Are

How to Make a Stop Action Videos like this one…

  1. Lay out a piece of paper or fabric or choose a section of flooring that will work as a good backdrop for your photos.
  2. Set up your camera or phone in a stationary position, pointing down toward the floor.
  3. Place your craft project in the center of your photo field and secure it with a few tape rolls on the back so that it is sure to stay in the same place as you are working.
  4. Pose your project and take picture number one.
  5. Move the project slightly and take picture number two.
  6. Keep repositioning the parts of your project and taking pictures until you have taken all of the photos. The flamingo, for example, was moved through a series of neck and leg movements, picking up the heart.
  7. Now put your pictures into a photo editing app. I use Videoshop (there is a free version), but any video editing app will work for this.
  8. Crop your photos to whatever size you choose, being sure to treat every photo exactly the same while editing.
  9. Shorten the play time of each photo to a second or less. Then add music and text as you desire.
  10. Your video is ready to play. Just watch as your craft moves.

*There are a so many of the crafts in this ebook that would work great for stop action videos…Pose the Wild Things and Max in various scenes and watch it unfold. For this you will not lay them on the floor, but set them up on a table instead. OR make your animals do their Barnyard Dance. OR create scenes with your crayons, little blue truck, pigeon or mouse. OR of course, the Flamingo from Flora and the Flamingo.