DIY Snowman Bookmark

Snowman Bookmark
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Sometimes it is the simplest crafts that are the best…don’t you agree? This adorable fingerprint snowman bookmark is easy for any age to make, from toddlers on up. And it can be made with just a few supplies in a brief period of time. Stick around to the end of the post to find out some unique ways to use this “bookmark”. It can also become a great tool for learning, and a way to make reading (and writing) more fun!


  • Large bookmark
  • Blue and white paint
  • Clothespin
  • Medium pom pom
  • Paper plate
  • Scrap of black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pipe cleaner (color of choice for scarf)
  • Markers

Crafts are a great way to help our kids develop skills that will help them in school and in life! They have fun while working all of those little muscles in the hands, and SO MUCH MORE! But life is hectic, and we don’t always seem to have the time for “extra” things in the day. But I have good news for you! I have a solution. All you will need to do is take a few minutes to fill your bag using our our master list of supplies, from which EVERY craft on this site is made, and you will be ready to craft at a moment’s notice. Check out THIS page.

And here are some more ways to help you find that much needed time!

Step 1: Painting

  • Place the large popsicle stick on the paper plate
  • Squeeze a little bit of blue paint onto the plate. If you have a favorite color and want to use that instead, feel free to change up the background color!
  • Pinch the pompom with the clothespin to make a “paint brush”
  • Paint the popsicle stick blue and let it dry
Step 1: Paint
Step 1: Paint

Step 2: Fingerprints

  • Squeeze a bit of white paint onto the plate
  • Use your index finger (or thumb) to put fingerprint marks on the popsicle stick. I found that it works best to blot the paint on the plate once or twice prior to placing the white paint fingerprint directly onto the popsicle stick.
  • Stack at least 5 fingerprints on top of each other (more for little fingers) to form the snowman. Leave some space at the bottom.
  • Finally, allow the paint to dry
Step 2:  Fingerprint painting
Step 2: Fingerprint painting

Step 3: Add the details

  • Cut a top hat from the scrap of black paper and glue it in place
  • Draw a face on your snowman
  • Give him some buttons
  • Wrap the pipe cleaner around the snowman to give him a scarf and trim it to the size that you want
Step 3:  Add the details
Step 3: Add the details

You are an awesome mom! Know how I know? Because you are here! Trying to find ideas of ways to spend time with your kiddos in a meaningful and creative way…YOU ROCK!


This snowman can also make a great spacer when writing (like in this video)! It works better if you leave the hat and scarf off if using it for this purpose.

Another fun way to use this bookmark is to actually use it to place under a line of text while reading to decrease distraction and bring attention to where the reader should focus. Or you can use it to follow along word by word when reading or following along to a lesson. The possibilities are endless. I would love to hear what you use your snowman for!

Save this snowman bookmark for later! Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Snowman Bookmark
Snowman Bookmark

Happy Crafting!


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