Heart Art Washi Tape Kids’ Craft

Washi tape is one of my absolute favorite craft supplies (Don’t you agree?) It is cheap, pretty, comes in any color or pattern you can imagine and is loved by children of all ages! So, I use it any chance I get. This HEART ART is such a fun way to feature this amazing supply that is in your craft bag if you have taken the time to prep using our master list of supplies, from which every…single…craft…on this blog is made! (You’re welcome). We do this to make your life that much easier and to make crafting with your kiddos actually doable in the business of life.

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  • Construction paper (I used red primarily, as well as black and white)
  • Variety of washi tapes in Valentine inspired colors (and prints if possible)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • White yarn
  • Glue stick

*I used a red color scheme, but feel free to change up the color scheme and make it your own! If your favorite color is purple, or green. or orange…go for it!

Step 1: Prepare the heart

  • Fold the piece of construction paper in half and cut on the fold (You may also choose to use two different complimentary colors of paper)
  • Then, take one of the halves and fold it down the middle vertically
  • Cut a half heart shape and unfold the paper so that you are left with a heart shaped hole in your paper
Valentine Craft step 1
Valentine craft step 1

Step 2: Add the washi tape

  • One the half piece of construction paper that does not have the heart cut in it, place strips of washi tape.
Valentine craft step 2
Valentine craft step 2

For little ones who are beginning to develop their fine motor skills, allow them to tear smaller pieces of washi tape and place them in random patterns instead of a more organized pattern. I have yet to find a kiddo who does not love to play with tape, putting it on things AND pulling it off! It is one of the great mysteries of the world…why do they love it so? To adjust this craft for toddlers, pre-cut the heart and eliminate the lacing portion if they are not yet ready (some kiddos are and others are not). You will also notice that we used a contrasting paper for the backdrop, rather than another piece of red paper. White or black are both great options. It would look something like this…

Heart Art for Toddlers
Heart Art for Toddlers

Make time for the things that are important…like creating together! I know that it isn’t easy, but you will be so glad that you did! Let me help…

Step 3: Put it together

  • Glue the heart on top of your washi tape covered paper
Valentine craft step 3
Valentine craft step 3

Step 4: Lace around the edges

  • Hole punch around the outside of the project
  • Cut about a 1 yard piece of white yarn and wrap the end in scotch tape
  • Lace through the holes, looping around the edge
  • Last, trim the yarn and tape down the ends on the back of the project
Valentine craft step 4
Valentine craft step 4

You may have noticed that the hole punch in the picture is not the one you are used to from grade school. It is new and improved and one of my favorite tools. For very tiny hands it will be big, but it is perfect for elementary students. The “Crop-a-Dile” has 2 size settings for hold punching, is easy to use and punches through just about anything. I have even used them when making a mini album from old CD’s. It can also be used to set eyelets of various sizes.

Save this for later! Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Heart Art Washi Tape Valentine
Heart Art Washi Tape Valentine
Heart Art Valentine
Heart Art Valentine

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