DIY Father’s Day Cards {FREE Printables}

Printable Mosaic DIY Father's Day Cards for kids to make
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What’s better than a handmade card to show your love? These free printable DIY Father’s Day cards are just the thing. Your kids will enjoy making them and feel so proud to give them to dad with their own special message inside. You can choose from several designs to print and make. Even without a printer, you can make these easy handmade Father’s Day cards.

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paper mosaic DIY Father's Day cards for kids to make

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How to Make DIY Father’s Day Cards

Step 1

  • Download the printable Father’s Day Card templates. There are 6 different designs in this collection.
  • Choose one of the designs and print it out. It works best if you print onto cardstock, but regular printer paper will work fine also.

*If you do not have access to a printer, just fold a piece of construction paper and fold it in half to form a card. On the front of your card, use a marker to draw the outline of a picture for dad.

DIY Father's Day Cards Step 1

Step 2

  • Now that you have your image to work with, choose some colors of construction paper to fill in the picture on the front of the card. **Paper from the scrap pile works great for this project.
  • Tear the paper into small pieces
  • Use your glue stick to add the small torn pieces of colored construction paper to your picture.

*If you prefer you can skip this step all together and just treat these printable Father’s Day cards as coloring pages instead. Just use crayons or markers to color the front of the card.


Step 3

  • Fold the card.
  • Write your message inside.

Now that you know how to make these DIY Father’s Day cards, really make them your own. These homemade cards leave a lot of room for creativity. Add whatever details you like and really make yours as unique and special as you are.

Save these Paper Mosaic Craft Cards for later. Pin them to your favorite Pinterest board…

Handmade Father's Day Cards
Father's Day Cards for Kids to make paper mosaics
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