Craft Memories with Your Family All Year Long (FREE Calendar Updated for 2023)

Craft-a-week Calendar freebie for crafting memories
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You will never regret the time you spend crafting with your kids. It’s so fun to craft memories together. Let’s be honest…we all say that we want less screen time, more time doing meaningful things together, less time spent in the chaos of life…but when it comes down to it, life passes us by. Time just moves by so quickly, and we miss those moments. To make it truly happen takes a plan.

And I know that you are aware of all of the benefits of making crafts with your kids. The obvious is that it’s great for improving fine motor skills, problem solving, motor planning, and using scissors. But there is so much more.

Time crafting together allows children to open up and share from their hearts, both in words and through their creations. It promotes social skills ans sharing. And, of course, it gives kids the opportunity to practice verbal skills. If nothing else, it’s a chance to break away from the habit of sitting in front of screens, which is nearly impossible in this day and age.

This free printable craft-a-week-calendar is the blueprint you need to craft memories together all year long. It goes hand in hand with our master list of craft supplies, just 27 basic items that fit into one bag. Use our list to fill your bag, and you’re ready to make each craft without a special trip to the store.

How to Use the Craft-a-Week Calendar

Step 1

Download the digital calendar

Step 2

Gather the supplies from the master list that we use for all of the crafts so that you’re ready to craft all year long without another trip to the store or even adding to your Amazon cart.

Step 3

When your ready to make your craft for the week, just click the link below the image. It will take you to the step-by-step instructions.

calendar page image
Click the Link for Instructions

Step 4

Download any templates that you need (not all crafts need them but a few will) from the exclusive resource library. Don’t worry…we’re going to send you the link so that you can get anything that you need.

Step 5

This is the fun part…make a craft with your kids!!!

And the best part about this collection is that you don’t even need to be crafty yourself. We do all of the hard work. You just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Still Need to Know More?

I know that there will be a few of you that just have to know what you’re getting yourself into before you part with your email address to get the freebie. Here is a visual of all the pages included in this calendar. There are crafts for every week, plus 4 bonus crafts.

You can even print it out and mark them off as they’re completed. Am I the only one who loves crossing things off of lists?

The crafts chosen are great for any age. Though little ones will likely need assistance with things like cutting out complex shapes. But they will love the coloring, painting, assembly, lacing and more. The important part is that every child has a chance to express their individual creativity.

So, here are all of the crafts you’ll be making together this year…

  • Solar System Mobile
  • Snowy Owls
  • Teddy Bear
  • Paper Armadillo
  • Lacing Zebra
  • Stegosaurus Craft
  • Llama Craft
  • Fox Mobile
  • Paper Lion
  • Paper Plate Turtle
  • Spring Robin
  • Newspaper Panda
  • Fluffy Chick Craft
  • Fuzzy Bunny
  • Paper Plate Elephant
  • Weather Bookmarks
  • Bald Eagle Craft
  • Sleeping Cat Craft
  • Flying UFO
  • Dump Truck Craft
  • Paper Crocodile
  • Fishing Game
  • Guinea Pig Craft
  • Firefly Puppet
  • Flag Pouch
  • Ice Cream Sundae
  • Paper Plate Frog
  • Painted Butterfly
  • Rocking Bee
  • Paper Possum Craft
  • Popsicle Stick Dragon
  • Fuzzy Bunnies
  • Paper Footballs
  • School Bus Craft
  • Fall Leaf Puppets
  • Caterpillar Mobile
  • Acorn Puppet
  • Paper Bag Owls
  • Flying Bat Craft
  • paper plate porcupine
  • Kangaroo with Joey
  • Beaver Craft
  • Stuffed Turkey
  • Paper Bag Cats
  • Painted Sloth
  • Pete the Cat Mobile
  • Newspaper Platypus
  • Paper Sunflower
  • Ice Skates Craft
  • Minnie & Mickey
  • Penguin Card
  • Lacing Polar Bear
  • Newspaper Pillows
  • Paper Plate Unicorn
  • Robot Puppets
  • Hammerhead Shark

This is going to be a great year…filled with imagination and creativity. I cannot wait to see what you make together!

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