Easter Basket Kids Craft

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The third in our Easter series of popsicle stick triangle crafts…you will love this sweet basket with the weaving detail! My favorite part of every Easter is always the egg hunt and watching the kids fill their baskets. Really, is there anything better than the looks of pure joy on children’s faces when they find that “hidden” egg filled with little bits of candy. I can’t wait to see what treats you put in your Easter Basket Kids Craft!


  • 3 Large popsicle sticks
  • Brown paint
  • Newspaper
  • Medium pompom
  • Clothespin
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Glue stick
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scraps of colored construction paper
  • Markers

Welcome to a new way of doing crafts with your kids! On this blog you will only find simple and do-able crafts which can be easily adapted for any age (not crafts that were clearly made by adults, for adults). And the best part is they are all made from the same master list of supplies that fit nicely into one bag! That way, you can stock up once and be ready to create a moment’s notice…easy peasy! Find out what to put in your bag…

Step 1: Glue the frame

  • Glue 3 large popsicle sticks into a triangle shape
  • Allow the glue to dry thoroughly
  • *You may want to do this step the night before to give it plenty of time to dry. Make a bunch so that you are ready to craft away.
Make a triangle frame
Make a triangle frame

Give your kiddos lots of positive affirmation as they create! So that they want to do it again and again…But what can you say that would have the most impact? I am glad you asked…

Step 2: Cut

  • Place the triangle on the newspaper and squeeze out a little brown paint
  • Pinch the pompom with the clothespin to form a “paint brush”
  • Paint the triangle frame brown and let the paint dry

Step 3: Make the basket

  • Place the painted frame on top of the brown construction paper and trace around it with your pencil
  • Then draw a second triangle just inside that one, about 1/8″ or so
  • Cut out the inside triangle and use the glue stick to adhere it to the back of the frame

Step 4: Weave

  • Cut 8 strips of brown construction paper, approximately 1/4″ wide and 5-6″ long
  • Glue 4 of the strips onto the front of the triangle, spaced apart. Then trim off the excess that hangs over the edges.
  • Weave the remaining 4 strips through the ones glued in place and glue in place. Trim away the excess.
  • *For little ones you can skip the weaving step and just keep the basket basic.
  • Give your basket a handle. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
Easter Basket step 4
Easter Basket step 4
Easter Basket step 4b
Add the handle

Step 5: Make the eggs

  • Cut some Easter eggs out of various colors of construction paper. Once you have one cut out, use it as a pattern for making more. Fill you basket with as many eggs as you would like.
  • Decorate the eggs with your markers.
  • Glue the eggs into the basket using your glue stick.
Easter basket step 5
Easter Basket step 5

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Easter Basket Kids Craft
Easter Basket Kids Craft
Easter Basket Kids Craft
Easeter Basket Kids Craft
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