Easy Fish Craft for Kids

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You are going to love where this triangle frame takes us this time as we create a super easy fish craft from this basic shape! Make lots of fish in different colors and have the go to “school”. Make up stories and put on a puppet show. There are just so many ways to play with this craft once it is made.

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I have some good news for you very busy parents out there…I have found a way to remove many of the obstacles to spending time crafting with your kids. Because I know that you are here because you know how fun (and important) it is to create together as a family, but it can be a challenge!

To make it easier, we are doing a couple of things differently. First of all, every craft that you see will actually be possible for children to make (not just for grown ups to make for kids). Second, we use the same MASTER LIST of supplies for every project on this site. That may seem like a little thing, but once you fill up your bag and realize that you are now ready to make anything your kids choose at a moment’s notice, you will realize the genius of this approach (that’s right, I am patting myself on the back…OK, maybe genius is going a little far, but it is pretty awesome!)

Step 1: Make the Triangle for Your Easy Fish Craft

  • Glue the 3 large large popsicle sticks into a triangle shape
  • Allow the glue time to dry
  • *You may want to make the triangles the day before and let them dry over night so that you are ready to go. As a matter of fact, make several so that you can craft away.
Make a triangle frame
Make a triangle frame

Step 2: Paint Your Fish Craft

  • Place your popsicle stick triangle frame on the newspaper and squeeze out a bit of light green paint
  • Pinch the pompom with the clothespin to form a “paint brush”
  • Paint the frame and allow it to dry while you work on step 3.

*Tip: After you paint the frame, move it right away and again a couple of times while it is drying to keep it from sticking to the newspaper

Step 3: Use the Fish Craft Template

  • Print the fish craft template
  • Use it to cut out all of the pieces for your fish art and craft from the shades of green construction paper.

*If you do not have access to a printer, draw the parts as pictured and cut the pieces out. This should include a triangle that will go in the center of the popsicle stick triangle frame.

Step 4: Put Together Your Simple Fish Craft

  • Now that the frame is dry and all of your pieces are cut out, it’s time to start putting it together.
  • First use the glue stick to attach the paper triangle to the back of the painted popsicle stick frame.
  • Then glue on layers of the tissue paper squares to the bottom of the triangle, which will be the fish’s “scales”. Only put glue on the top half of each tissue paper square. Then overlap the lines of tissue paper as you put it in place. Go about half way up the triangle with fish scales.
  • Again use the glue stick to attach the fish lips, fin and tail.

Step 5: Finish Off Your Fish Art and Craft

  • Now that you have your easy fish craft all glued together, put the googly eye in place.
  • And finally, add some details as you like using your markers to finish it off.

Placing the small squares of tissue paper is also a great way to work on fine motor coordination. Encourage your littles to pick up one piece at a time and to “pinch pinch pinch”. To make it a little more challenging and add the element of crossing midline (more on that HERE), place the tissue pieces opposite of the hand that your child is preferring to use. Then continue to encourage use of that hand, reaching across their body to pick up each piece.

This easy fish craft for kids is part of a larger collection of ocean animals which will be released all week long. If you missed it, check out the DOLPHIN, SEA TURTLE, OYSTER, CRAB and the OCTOPUS. Honestly, you will want to make them all. And each starts with the same first step, making a triangle frame from large popsicle sticks. I can’t wait to see your versions of these sea creatures!

Save this easy fish craft for later! Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

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