Ghost Halloween Craft: Weaving Project

halloween ghost craft
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As we start to wrap up this Halloween craft season, I wanted to give you one more “spooky” project. This ghost Halloween craft is perfect for any age. If you have a little one, cut out the ghost shape and punch the holes for them. Then just let them go crazy with the weaving part. It is so great for working on fine motor coordination, visual motor integration (working the hands and eyes together) and bilateral coordination (working the hands together). They will be so happy with what they are making that they won’t even realize they are developing crucial skills.

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I am so glad that you have dropped by “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”, and I am about to blow your mind! Ok, maybe I am overstating. But I do think that you will love what I have to say…crafting with your kids does not need to be such a chore. It is supposed to be fun. But I know that it can be a challenge. So, let me help at least a little bit…here’s how: Make up your craft kit using our free printable list (or Amazon links) so that you limit the preparation needed. Once that is done (and I promise it won’t take long) you are ready to craft on a moment’s notice, to make any craft on this blog. They can all be made from the list. I know, clever, right?

Step 1

  • Cut a ghost shape out of the middle of the paper plate
  • Place the plate on the newspaper
  • Pinch one of the medium pompoms with the clothespin to form a “paint brush”
  • Squeeze out some black paint on the newspaper and paint the bottom of the paper plate. Allow the paint to dry.
  • Make another “paint brush” and squeeze some blue paint onto the newspaper
  • Make swirls with blue to make a spooky night sky. Again let the paint dry.
ghost weaving step 1
ghost weaving step 1

Step 2

  • Cut a small grave stone out of the scrap of construction paper and add detail
  • Glue it onto the plate with the glue stick
  • Punch holes around the ghost shape, approximately 1/2 inch apart
ghost weaving step 2
ghost weaving step 2

Step 3

  • Cut a piece of white yarn approximately 1 yard in length
  • Wrap some tape around the end of the yarn
  • Lace the yarn through one of the holes (you can start anywhere) and pull it through until there is just about an inch left in the back. Tape it down to hold it in place.
  • Weave the yarn back and forth in a random pattern until the shape is covered. You may need more than one piece of yarn.
  • At the end of the piece of yarn, secure it on the back of the plate with a piece of tape
  • Glue the eyes onto the ghost and allow the glue to dry thoroughly
halloween ghost craft
halloween ghost craft

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halloween ghost kids' craft
ghost weaving craft
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