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    Preschool Christmas Crafts Oversized Ornaments

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    Not only are these oversized ornaments great preschool Christmas crafts, but they are also perfect Christmas crafts for toddlers. For little ones who can’t manipulate a stapler, a grown up will have to take over putting the plates together (step 3), but placing the little tissue pieces is ideal for promoting fine motor coordination in little ones. Plus, they will be so happy with what they create. Hang them from the ceiling when finished for a simple homemade Christmas decoration. You can also put them outside in an area that has a covering to protect it from the weather.

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    Making Christmas crafts for kids has never been so easy. Like every craft on this site, if you have filled your bag using our master list of basic craft supplies that fit into one bag then you are ready to complete this craft. You do not need to do another thing. When you are in the middle of these fun and easy Christmas crafts you will not all of a sudden realize that you are missing a key ingredient and need to put the creativity on hold. And, the best part, clean up is so simple! Because everything just goes right back in the bag. Happy crafting!

    Step 1: Attach the Ornament Top

    • First, cut 2 large identical rectangles (about 3×5″) from the yellow construction paper and round the edges of the top.
    • These will be the top of your Christmas ornament craft. Add a little detail with the yellow marker.
    • Bend your yellow pipe cleaner in half and curl each end.
    STEP 1

    Step 2: Add the Top

    • Now place one half of your cut out ornament on the top of one of the plates and lay the folded pipe cleaner on top.
    • Finally, use the stapler to attach these pieces to your plate as pictured. Be sure to catch each side of the pipe cleaner with a staple.
    STEP 2

    Step 3: Glue the Top

    • Take the other half of the ornament top that you cut our previously and glue it on top of the pipe cleaner. Squeeze the edges to seal it as best as you can. *Don’t worry about sealing the bottom.
    STEP 3

    Step 4: Put It Together

    • Place the other plate on top and staple all around the ornament. Staples can be an inch or so apart.

    *If you would like to make your ornament into a wind chime or noise maker, place a few beads inside before closing it up.

    STEP 4

    Step 5: Decorate the Christmas Ornament

    • Now it is time to decorate our Christmas craft ornament. Choose the colors of tissue paper that you would like to use. They should already be cut up into small squares (approximately 1″ in size)
    • Cover a section of the plate with your glue stick and begin sticking tissue paper pieces in place.
    • When finished with one side, turn it over and do the second side also.
    • Use your scissors to trim away an excess that hangs over the edges of the plates. And now your handmade paper Christmas decorations are ready to hang up.
    STEP 5

    It is important to give your child complete freedom in in how they design their handmade paper Christmas decorations. Seriously…resist the urge to micromanage. Children learn best by doing, and when well-meaning grown ups take over all children learn is that you can do it better. So, why should they bother to keep trying. If they are not covering all of the plate, gently guide them with prompts like “Do you see any spots where you can put more pieces?”

    In addition, this easy Christmas craft is great for working on fine motor coordination and crossing midline. (Crossing midline is when one side of the body moves into the space of the other side and is a foundational skill for so many motor coordination tasks. To learn more, check out this article from The Inspired Treehouse.) To set this activity up to practice crossing midline, place the tissue pieces opposite your child’s preferred hand and encourage them to reach across the body each time to pick up a square to place on the Christmas craft.

    Great for Adding Christmas decorations to a Preschool classroom

    If you add a student’s picture to the center of these over-sized ornaments, these preschool Christmas crafts become the perfect school Christmas crafts. I can just see them hanging from the ceiling with every little ones face smiling down. A friend suggested putting them all around the blackboard/white board. Wouldn’t the classroom look so festive? What a fun Christmas project for school!

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