DIY Valentine Kids’ Craft

Valentine Kids Craft
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Christmas is my favorite holiday…but Valentine’s Day is my favorite crafting holiday! I mean, all those hearts and lovey things. And then you give them away to people who are close to your heart. What could be better? And so, this will be the first of Valentine Kids Craft of many throughout this season. Wasn’t it a great idea to put such a lovely holiday right in the heart of the cold and snow?


  • Paper plate (9″ coated)
  • Markers
  • Red and pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Large popsicle stick
  • Glue stick
  • Scotch tape

In case you are new around here, let me fill you in. We take a unique approach to kids’ crafts. First of all, every project that you see here can ACTUALLY be made by children. They are not meant to be made by children and just enjoyed by children afterward. And, best of all, they are ALL made from the same master list of supplies…a list that is basic (most of the stuff you most likely already have on hand right now).

Take our list and take one trip to the store (or to your couch for an Prime spree), fill your craft bag, and you will be all set to make any craft here at any time. Less prep, less mess, less stress…and NO GLITTER! (Please forgive me if you are a glitter lover, but I think that you can understand why I am leaving it off the list.)

Step 1: Cut paper plate

  • First, cut the bottom of the paper plate (just a little more than half way down).
  • Then cut the ends off of the half paper plate (as pictured)

Step 2: Cut more pieces

  • Cut a mailbox flag from the red construction paper
  • Cut a heart from the pink paper. Fold a square of the pink construction paper in half and cut half the heart. Then unfold.
Step 2: Cut out pieces
Step 2: Cut out pieces

Using scissors is a skill that can be difficult for kids to master. I hear from so many parents who are concerned that their children are not on track with this skill and won’t be ready for kindergarten (or are already struggling). So, here’s a little info on the subject…But, to be honest, I want to do so much more! How would you like a course on learning how to use scissors? I have so many tried and proven tips that I want to share!

Step 3: Add the details

  • Decorate the mailbox with your markers. Use your imagination and make it your own. No two mailboxes should look the same!
  • Write a message on your heart Valentine which will go “in” the mailbox
Step 3: add the details
Step 3: add the details

Step 4: Glue it together

  • Glue on the mailbox flag
  • Adhere door of the mailbox
  • Glue your Valentine heart message to the front of the mailbox, like it is going into the mailbox
  • Tape the large popsicle stick to the bottom for the mailbox post
Step 4: Put it together
Step 4: Put it together

Bonus: Make it interactive

If you would like to add a little movement to this craft, pull from the bag your hole punch and brads. Then, instead of glue on the door of the mailbox, punch a hole and connect it with a brad. Do the same thing with the mailbox flag!

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Valentine Kids Craft
Valentine Kids Craft
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