10 Space Crafts for Kids

10 Space Crafts for Kids
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I haven’t me a kid yet who doesn’t love making space crafts, boys and girls of any age will find something on this list that they can’t wait to make. This collection of outerspace crafts includes something for every age and skill level.

Make Even More Crafts with Your Kids (You’ll be so happy you did)

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What Craft Supplies You’ll Need

And , just like every craft on this site and in our shop, the supplies that you need are part of the master list of items that we stick to for every creative project. It’s just 27 basic craft supplies that fit into one bag. You problably already have most of them in your home. It’s like having a capsule wardrobe, but for your kids’ crafts.

You won’t find things like egg cartons or toilet paper tubes on the list because they just take up way too much space to store easily and carry with you in a bag. And you also won’t find glitter…I just can’t do it. It’s beautiful, but it never comes out of the carpet…and I mean never. (You’re welcome.)

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Space Craft Ideas

Combine Reading and Crafting

The best way that I can think to enhance the crafting experience is to combine it with reading a good book. Here are some of our favorite space themed books for kids.

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10 Space Crafts Ideas


Paper Plate Spaceship Craft

This paper plate spaceship craft goes together very quickly. And hopefully, it will lead to hours of imaginative play and story telling. I mean, aliens, UFOs, flying things…what’s not to love. And if you have been around here for awhile, you know that we have some great space crafts that would be great to pair…


Easy Solar System Project

This easy solar system project is the perfect hands-on activity for kids to learn about the planets that orbit our sun. Each one is unique and has its own story. Use it for a science project, to decorate a room or just for the fun of making it. This solar system craft can be paired…


DIY Space Crafts for Kids

It is truly my belief that the best crafts are the most basic. And what is more basic than a triangle? Starting with this basic shape, you can find a million ways to create something unique and fun. And today, we are going to make DIY space crafts that are “out of this world”! Seriously,…


BB8 Craft for Kids

In our house it was Star Wars everything all the time when our boys were young. The Star Wars themed Halloween costumes (and there were many of them) were worn all year round, on a regular basis. And, of course, as the newest movies are released, we are among the first to get our tickets,…

Once you start making these space crafts, you’re not going to want to stop at just one. And why should you? Go ahead and make them all! Check out this video of me and my friend, John, making the alien craft…

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Outerspace crafts for kids
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