Easy Ice Skate Craft for Kids

Ice Skate Craft for Kids
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If I’m totally honest, I’m not a fan of winter. But it does have some perks, like sledding, making snowmen, snuggling under cozy warm blankets with a mug of hot cocoa…and ice skating! Of course, in our family, we’re actually at the rink year round since our son plays hockey. (Yes, a mom who hates the cold and winter sits hours a week in that exact climate…the things we do for our children.) This simple ice skate craft for kids is perfect indoor activity for these cold winter days.

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Fun Facts About Ice Skating

  • The zamboni (the vehicle that smooths out the ice) actually uses hot water to resurface the ice.
  • The first ice skates were actually made of animal bones. These were made in Finland to help people glide instead of walk through the ice and snow.
  • Skaters don’t usually have feathers on their costumes because points are deducted if a piece of their outfit falls on the ice.
  • Tara Lapinski was the youngest woman to win the World Championships, at age 15.
  • Figure skating is the oldest Olympic Winter sport.

To learn even more about figure skating, check out this article from Mental Floss.

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Skating Craft for kids
Ice Skate Craft for Kids

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Combine Reading and Crafting

The absolute best way that I can think to enhance the crafting experience is to combine it with reading a good book. Here are our favorite skating and winter themed books for kids.


This craft is intentionally simple, as are ALL of the crafts that you will find on this site. The reason for that is to make crafting with your kids actually doable. I know that you are busy, and life moves so quickly that we often don’t take the time to create. But…it is SOOOOOOO important!

And so, I’m here to help with a strategy that will hopefully make it possible for you to be able to work it into the business of life. I am going to ask you to do one thing (and ONLY one)…fill your bag with the master list of supplies that I suggest. Once that’s done your job is finished. You’ll be ready to craft at a moments notice with no prep and limited mess…because it all goes right back into the bag when you are done. (In case you were wondering, I say bag, but you can use any container that you have on hand.)

Every craft on this blog is made from the same master list. You can let your child scroll through to find what he/she likes and you will have every “ingredient” already on hand so that you can jump right in! I hope this helps.

How to Make an Ice Skate Craft

Step 1: Trace or draw the ice skates (with Ice Skate Template)

  • Draw a skate boot with 2 tabs added to the bottom (approximately 2 inches long) freehand onto one of the pieces of construction paper or…
  • Print, cut and trace the ice skate template above (feel free to adjust them to whatever size you would like, as long as they are not bigger than a piece of paper)
  • Cut out your first ice skate
  • Repeat this process for the second ice skate
Cutting out the ice skate craft
Cut out the ice skates

For little ones who are not yet proficient with using scissors, have them help with the tracing process. It is okay if it is messy because you are going to cut away the excess anyway. Then an adult can lend a hand for cutting out the shape. Always allow the kiddo to do as much as they can on their own so that they feel a sense of accomplishment and learn that they are capable!

Step 2: Punching the Holes

  • If you have drawn your own ice skate boots, add dots where you would like to have the holes for the laces. Be sure that they are close enough to the edge for the hole punch to reach.
  • For those who used the template, use the hole punch on the template and use it as a guide to place dots on the ice skates which you have cut out. Then use the hole punch to place holes in the boot.
Step 2: Punch the holes in your ice skate craft
Punch the holes

Step 3: Adding the details

  • Use your markers to add the details to your ice skates. Really make them your own. No two sets of skates should look the same!
  • You might notice that in the pictures there is an added little detail…do you see it?…A pony bead right in the middle of the snowflakes on the skates. Dig into your craft bag and add whatever details strike your fancy!
  • Now to add the blades…Just place some glue on the back of the tabs on the bottom of the skate and wrap them around a popsicle stick. Give the glue just a minute to dry. You may need to hold it in place until it sticks where you want it to.
Add the details to your ice skate craft
Add the details
Add the blades for this ice skate craft
Add the blades

Step 4: Lace up your skates

  • Cut 2 pieces of white yarn, each about 1 yard long and wrap the ends with a piece of scotch tape
  • Now lace the yarn through the holes in a criss cross pattern, just like your real ice skates! Lacing is an excellent activity for kids to practice fine motor coordination, as well as working their hands together efficiently.
  • Tie a bow at the top…also a great way to practice shoe tying. But be warned that tying yarn is more difficult than tying a standard shoe lace since it does not keep its shape.
  • Connect the skates together by the end of the laces so that you can loop them over a hook or wherever you would like to display them. What a fun winter decoration!
Lace up the skates for this ice skate craft

If you are looking for winter art activities for preschoolers, you have found the perfect project. The finished winter craft is absolutely adorable and works on so many developmental hand skills, including fine motor coordination, hand strength, visual motor skills and so much more. Making this ice skate craft for kids is also a great way to let kids use their own imaginations and really make the craft their own by allowing them to add their own details and choose what colors they would like to use.

Happy Crafting!


Watch this short video to see how to make this Ice Skate Craft

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