Thanksgiving Turkey Kids' Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft

As a craft blogger, it would almost be a sin not to make at least one turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday season. So, I hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft....
Moveable Paper Skeleton

Halloween Kids’ Craft: Movable Skeleton

The Occupational Therapist in me really came out on this craft. I just can't help it sometimes. When I see clothespins, I always think of developing fine motor skills. And, for...
watermelon slice coasters

Watermelon Kids Craft

I know, I know...I promised no more fruit (see more here: strawberry, pear, watermelon, orange slice, pineapple). But I just cannot let go of the sweetness of summer just yet! As a...

Decorative Clips DIY Easy Kids’ Craft

Just because something is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too.  These clips are made with that in mind.  They are simple to put together and can be used for any number of...