pig kids craft

Barnyard Kids’ Craft: Triangle Pig

I am just having so much fun this week, and I hope that you are too! These barnyard animals are turning out to be even cuter than what I had in my imagination....
cow kids craft

Barnyard Kids’ Craft: Triangle Cow

Have you ever created something that just made you giggle? That is me today! And I hope that you like it too. Even better, this adorable cow kids' craft is part...
rooster kids craft

Barnyard Kids’ Craft: Triangle Rooster

This week we are playing with the popsicle stick triangle frames again! I just love starting off with something so basic and having it turn into something so cute! This Rooster Kids...

Summertime Easy Kids’ Craft Sun Visor

It's summertime here in Western Pennsylvania, and the sun is finally out! So, today we are making a handy and decorative sun visor, a fun summertime kids' craft. This is one of...
rainbow mask kids' craft

Rainbow Mask Kids’ Craft

Playing dress up is one of the many wonders of childhood.  As a matter of fact, my youngest son wore his Spider Man costume for an entire year, really!  He only stopped wearing it...