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5 Favorite Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

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Here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts” we have been developing all kinds of Christmas card ideas for kids. Because who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card? It is the perfect little gift from the heart. And making creative Christmas cards is something that kids can easily do and use their imagination in the process. Here is a round up of some of our favorites here on the site, but this is not a finite list by any means.


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Like every craft here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”, these Christmas cards are made with supplies from the same master list used for every creative project on this site. This list has been carefully curated to include supplies that are inexpensive, multi-purpose and all fit into one bag. It is like a capsule wardrobe. Once you have all of the pieces, you can mix and match and make unlimited “outfits”! Fill up your bag and you will be ready to craft and craft and craft, never missing a thing that you need to finish those fun projects! Follow THIS LINK for the list of items.

1. Fingerprint Christmas Card

Fingerprint Christmas Cards

These simple fingerprint Christmas cards are a great way to preserve a memory in time. With a couple of designs, there is something for everyone. And who doesn’t love receiving a handmade Christmas card? This card is appropriate for any age (with just a little bit of assistance for the very little ones).

2. Stamped Snowflake Christmas Card


This woven Christmas card idea for kids is a little more advanced than the others on this list. But it can be simplified by eliminating the weaving.

3. Rudolph Christmas Card


Wouldn’t this make a great Christmas craft for a kindergarten class? The best part is that his nose is bouncy.

4. Pine Cone Christmas Card


Making these pine cones is such a simple process, just a little fancy folding. The added finishing touch to this Christmas card is our favorite craft supply, washi tape!

5. Wreath Fingerprint Christmas Card

Christmas Wreath Card
Christmas Wreath Card

This final Christmas card idea for kids to make uses newspaper to add a little bit of interest. Plus it uses fingertip painting which is great for kids of any age.

It starts with these 5 Christmas card ideas but then the crafting fun can go on and on! Go to the menu and follow the drop down for Christmas crafts under the holiday crafts for kids category. There are so many amazing Christmas crafts for kids. There is one for every personality, age and skill level.

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