Easy Mummy Craft

Easy Mummy Craft for Kids made with popsicle sticks and washi tape
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This easy mummy craft uses one of my very favorite craft supplies…washi tape. If you’re not familiar with what washi tape, it’s a decorative paper tape that comes in almost any pattern you can imagine. And the best part is that it’s super affordable. I have a growing collection because I’ll just pick up one or 2 rolls in the cheap bins at the craft store when I visit. Then I keep a variety from my collection in a ziploc baggie in my kids’ craft bag. You can fit a lot of options into a little baggie. So, you’ll always have something that works for whatever craft you choose to make.

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Halloween Mummy Craft for Kids with washi tape and popsicle stick

Fun Facts About Mummies

Maybe saying “fun” facts isn’t exactly accurate, but they certainly are interesting. After all, mummies aren’t just a scare monster at Halloween. They’re also a part of the world’s history, especially that of Egypt. So, here are a couple of things that we found interesting about mummies for you to share with your kids…

  • According to Egyptian lore, the god Osiris was the first mummy.
  • Sometimes the Egyptians used onions to fill openings when mummies were being wrapped.
  • Egyptians also mummified different types of animals, like cats and hawks.
  • Though Egypt is best known for its mummies because of the pyramids, they are actually found on every continent.

You can learn more about mummies by checking out this article by History for Kids.

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Sometimes it’s the simplest crafts that are the very best. As you see, this mummy craft for kids takes only 3 supplies, and you have them all in your kids’ craft bag if you’ve used our master list to fill your bag.

We stick to this list to create all of the amazing crafts that you see here and in our shop. This makes crafting with your kids something that you don’t have to put off anymore because you need to run to the store or prep a craft that will keep your kids attention for about 30 seconds. (I’ve been there.) So, what are you waiting for? Fill your bag and craft along!

How to Make an Easy Mummy Craft

Step 1: Add the Googly Eyes

  • Choose some self-adhesive eyes for your mummy craft.
  • They can be the same size and shape or different from each other.
  • Press them into place about an inch from the top of your large popsicle stick.

These are the googly eyes that we use for a lot of our smaller craft project. The container is small and can be tucked into your bag easily. There are several sizes and shapes included too. The best part about this collection of googly eyes is that they’re self-adhesive.

Step 2: Wrap It Up

  • Choose a washi tape for the cloths of your mummy. We picked something with lots of white and little bit of black. But you can choose colors if you prefer to make him extra special.
  • Start just below the top of your popsicle stick and wrap several layers of washi tape, partially covering just the very top of the eyes.
  • Then wrap washi tape below the eyes, slightly covering them again.
  • Keep wrapping until you are about an inch from the bottom of the popsicle stick.

*Notice that we were a quite messy with our wrapping so that it looked more like a mummy’s wrappings.

If you don’t already have the perfect washi tape for this project, here is the exact set that we purchased to make this mummy Halloween craft.

Now that you know how to make this easy mummy craft, there are so many things that you can do with it! First of all, don’t stop at just one. They’re so easy and quick to make. So, make a bunch. Then you can use them to put on a puppet show, use them as bookmarks, or give them to friends as a special Halloween treat. You could even include it in a bag of treats.

Save this Mummy Craft for Kids for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Halloween Craft Mummy Popsicle Sticks
Easy Mummy Craft for Kids for Halloween with popsicle stick and washi tape
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