Christmas Wreath Card

Christmas Wreath Card
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Making a handmade Christmas card is one of those crafts that you can put together quickly, but it means so much to the person that receives it! Wouldn’t you agree it is absolutely impossible not to smile when you get a homemade Christmas card. Try making one with your kids today. You will be so glad you did! This Christmas wreath card is a great place to start because even toddlers can participate by adding their fingerprints. Cards are the perfect little easy Christmas card and can be completed in a short period of time with just a few items.

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Crafting with our kids is vital to their development. There are so many skills that can be learned, but also so many good times to be had. Have you ever noticed how a child really opens up when their hands are busy? That is just one of the many, many benefits of creating things with your family. (Check out this post to learn even more!)

But, I know that life is busy, and it is no easy task to plan and implement screen-free activities. Believe me…I get it. So, I am striving to make it easier! Take this one step, fill up your craft bag with the supplies on the master list, and you will be ready to craft any time, any place, with less mess. Because every single project on this blog is made from that same master list. Find out what to put in your bag…

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Step 1

  • Fold the white construction paper in half and cut it on the fold
  • On half of the white paper, draw a circle. I used a small bowl for tracing. This will be the template for your fingerprint wreath.
  • Squeeze a small amount of green paint on the paper plate. Dip your finger (or thumb if it is a little guy/girl) in the green paint and use it to stamp the leaves of the wreath.
  • Allow the paint to dry.
  • Squeeze a very small amount of red paint on the plate.
  • Dip the q-tip into the red paint and make berries. Allow the paint to dry.

This makes a great Christmas wreath craft for toddlers since they can go crazy just adding their fingerprints to the paper. If it helps, draw a circle first for them to use as a guide. However, as you know, most toddlers will completely disregard whatever guidelines you give them. That is perfectly alright. Once they are done putting their fingerprints all over the paper, just cut out a wreath shape for the front of your card.

Wreath Christmas Card step 1
Wreath Christmas Card step 1

Step 2

  • Cut the wreath out and use the glue stick to affix it to the black paper.
  • Trim around the wreath, leaving a small border of black paper around the outside of the wreath.
  • Also, cut a small rectangle out of the remaining white paper. (Do not use the full half of white that is remaining because you will still need that.)
  • Glue it to the black construction paper and cut out a small border.
  • *If you want to simplify this craft, just skip this step. The black matte is not necessary, I just like the look of it. Also, you can just cut a circle around the wreath and leave out all of the curved detail. Really, there is no wrong way to do this project. Make it your own, and cut corners if you need to. I give you permission!!! Actually, I encourage it 🙂
Wreath Card step 2
Wreath Card step 2

Step 3

  • Fold the red construction paper in half to form the foundation of the Christmas card.
  • Cut a piece of newspaper the size of your card. Pick an area in the paper that is just plain, simple text…no pictures or ads.
  • Rip a little bit off of the newspaper on each side. This can be a little tricky and may take a couple of tries to get it just right.
  • Use the glue stick to adhere the newspaper onto the front of the card.
Wreath card step 3
Wreath Card step 3

Step 4

  • With the glue stick, glue the wreath onto the front of the card.
  • Write a message onto the white rectangle and glue it in place on the front of the card.
  • Trim around the half piece of white construction paper that is remaining and glue it to the inside of your card. Write your inside message.
  • Make a bow out of the red pipe cleaner and glue it in place with the Elmer’s. Allow the glue to dry completely.
Wreath Card step 4
Wreath Card step 4

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Christmas Wreath Card
Christmas Wreath Card
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