BB8 Craft for Kids

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In our house it was Star Wars everything all the time when our boys were young. The Star Wars themed Halloween costumes (and there were many of them) were worn all year round, on a regular basis. And, of course, as the newest movies are released, we are among the first to get our tickets, even seeing the midnight showings for many. This BB8 craft for kids is not only fun to make, but it moves too! Roll it along beside you. Serious fun!!!

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This is a rather lengthy supply list compared to most of the crafts that we do around here, but…lucky for you…you already have every single one of these items in your bag if you have used our master list of basic supplies to stock up. Check out the master list HERE so that you are ready to craft at a moment’s notice without any additional prep! It makes creating with your family so easy, you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner 🙂

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

  • There is really very little cutting involved for this craft. Cut the center out of the first plate, following the natural indent. If you prefer, get the template for all of the pieces HERE.
  • Cut that circle in half just below middle.
  • Take the slightly larger half and round the corners. This is BB8’s head.
  • The body will be one of the other plates…no cutting needed.

Step 2: Add the Details

  • The details of BB8 are not very complicated, and it is really okay if yours is not just like mine. This droid is yours. So, make it your own!
  • Let’s start by adding details to his head. First, trace something circular, like the bottom of a paint bottle right in the middle for his “eye”. Use your black Sharpie marker for this and color in the circle.
  • Then add a second “button” to his head, positioned just below and to the right of his “eye”. Find something circular that is slightly smaller to trace. (I used the inside of the tape dispenser.) Then color in the circle.
  • Place BB8’s head on the newspaper and squeeze out a little orange and silver (or gray) paint. Now use the q-tip to paint on strips and squares/rectangles (as pictured).
  • Finally, add one last detail of a red dot in BB8’s “eye”. You can use a q-tip for this.
  • Set this piece aside and let is dry.
BB8 Kids Craft step 2
BB8 Kids Crafts step 2

Step 3: Add more Details

  • For the body of BB8, we are going to make our own stamps using our pipe cleaners.
  • Make a large circle from one of the pipe cleaners, leaving a short “handle” to hold the stamp.
  • Repeat this with the other pipe cleaner. But with this one, after the circle is formed, pinch 4 sections in to make the inside of each symbol. It should look something like a 4 leaf clover.
  • The pipe cleaner stamps work as a pair, first use the circle stamp and them place the other stamp inside. Use the orange paint for this. Then fill in the shape and smooth out the edges using a q-tip. Put 3-4 symbols on your BB8’s body, with some going off the edges. Paint on the body with the bottom of the plate up.
  • Finish off each symbol by putting a silver dot in the middle. Just pinch the pompom with the clothespin and stamp a dot in the center of each form. Again, use the q-tip to smooth it out and add other details as desired.
  • Let the paint dry.
BB8 stamps up close
BB8 stamps up close

Step 4: Add the Final Details

  • Now that the paint is dry (which really doesn’t take long at all), use the gray marker to add the final details. Refer to the picture for some recommendations. But, really, you can add seams and buttons and vents wherever you want. This is your droid, remember.

Step 5: Put it together

  • This is the best part. Now we get to put him together so that his body rolls, and his head moves. This is so cool!!!
  • From the remaining part of the circle you cut in half early, cut it in half again, forming 2 strips.
  • Each strip will now be folded on the ends, making it like a table with tabs to connect to the plate.
  • Punch a hole in the middle of each.
  • Tape the largest of these little “tables” in the exact middle of the back of BB8’s body.
  • Then, tape the smaller one on the head, in the top half in the center.
  • From the third plate, cut out a 1 inch wide strip right down the center. Trim the length to go from one “table” to the other (as pictured) and punch a hole in each end.
  • Secure at each end with a brad. *Leave plenty of room for movement. Don’t attach the brad too tight.
  • Optional: To make the mechanism a little more secure, tape a popsicle stick over the connecting piece. You may need to slightly angle the stick so that it does not inhibit the movement.

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