Paper Bag City Craft (With a Comic Book Theme!)

Paper Bag City Craft
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This paper bag city craft is about the easiest activity you will ever do with your child but this kids play idea will keep your guys and gals busy for hours! How many fun make believe games to play do you think they can come up from just these easy paper bag crafts? After you make the basic city, add as many details as you like to make it feel like a comic book world. And there you go, a super hero craft for kids to spend time creating stories and adventures…so many kids play ideas…the possibilities are endless!


These paper bag crafts, like every other creation on this website, starts with the same master list of craft supplies! The list is kept to a few basic items that are inexpensive and easy to obtain and all fit into one bag. And we do this to make your life just a little bit easier, at least when it comes to creating with your kiddos. Life is hectic, and if we can remove some of the barriers to crafting, then maybe it will actually be do-able, even when life is hectic. Find out what to put in your craft bag. And happy crafting!!!

Step 1

  • Trim the top of the paper bags in various shapes and heights to make the tops of the buildings
Paper Bag Comic Cityscape Easy Kids’ Craft Step 1

Step 2

  • Add details to the buildings using a black marker
  • Cut small squares from black construction paper and glue on to paper bags for windows
Paper Bag City Craft step 2
Paper Bag Comic Cityscape Easy Kids’ Craft Step 2

This is a great craft for kids that are just learning to use scissors. Cut long black strips of paper and allow your child to snip the strips into blocks for the windows. If your little one has trouble opening and closing the scissors, start with self-opening scissors. Here are a couple of versions you might like. It is perfectly okay if all of the squares are not perfect and the same size. Use them anyway! It will give your paper bag city character.

For even more support with helping your child learn to use scissors, check out our “Scissor Success” course. End the frustration today!

Step 3

  • Let’s turn this plain city into a super hero craft for kids. Cut multi-point star like shapes from the paper plates for comic strip type quotes.
  • Write on words such as “Wham”, “Pow!”, “Whoosh!” and then decorate
Paper Bag City Craft step 3
Paper Bag Comic Cityscape Easy Kids’ Craft Step 3

Step 4

  • Take these paper crafts for kids from blah to pow!!! Glue the comic book style quotes onto the buildings to form an entire comic book style cityscape.
Paper Bag City Craft step 4
Paper Bag Comic Cityscape Easy Kids’ Craft Step 4

Legos are a great tool for working on fine motor coordination, as well as motor planning when you follow the step by step instructions to put together a project. This craft pairs perfectly with small lego super hero kits. The one pictured here was purchased at the local Dollar store for just $10.

I cannot wait to hear about all of the make believe that happens because of these simple paper bag crafts! These are not only perfect brown paper bag crafts for preschoolers, but really for kids of every age. You never outgrow playing with super heroes. And this comic book inspired paper bag city craft is just the thing. Enjoy your imaginative play and may the good guy always win!

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Comic Book Themed Paper Bag City Craft
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