3D Pop-Up Manger Christmas Card

Manger Christmas Card
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I know that it may seem corny or cliche to say, but Jesus really is the reason for the season. So, I just had to make a card that expressed the spiritual part of Christmas. I struggled to make this card because it just wasn’t coming out just right. My husband joked that it might be because I was trying to craft the Savior of the World…no little thing. Though he was joking, he may have been partially right. And so, if you have things that you want to add to this craft, please do! I truly hope that this 3D Pop-Up Manger Christmas Card will be a blessing to make and to give. Merry Christmas!!!


  • White construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers
  • Yellow tissue paper squares
  • Yellow and red crayon
  • 1/2 piece of brown construction paper
  • Scraps of baby blue, yellow and pink construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons

I know that crafting with your kids can get messy…and it takes time to set up…and it takes supplies that you may have to make an extra trip to the store (or several) to obtain…and your kids may not find it totally fun (at least at first)…and…and…and…BUT…it is so important and can be a true source of joy for your kids…and you! There is nothing like creating together as a family. And, so, it is my mission to make it easier for you to craft with your kids by keeping all of the projects on this blog simple. Every single one is made from the same master list of supplies that fit into one bag. By doing that, it makes crafting with your kids actually do-able, with less prep, less stress and less mess…and NO glitter!

Step 1

  • Fold the white construction in half to form the base of your card
  • Glue yellow tissue paper squares in a doughnut shape in the middle of the card
Pop-Up Manger Card
Pop-up Manger Card

Step 2

  • Draw a manger and baby Jesus as pictured in the template OR print out the template and trace each piece
  • Cut out the pieces, along with a few tiny strips of yellow paper for “straw”
  • Draw on details as desired
  • Glue the pieces together. Here is a picture of how it looks on the back of the manger.
  • Once it is all put together, fold the manger in half.
Rear view of Manger
Rear view of Manger

Step 3

  • Fold the side flaps of the manger back and place glue on the tabs
  • Place the card open and flat. Line up the fold on the manger with the fold of the card. Glue the already assembled manger in place right in the middle.
  • Draw a yellow circle around the manger to form a “glow”
  • Write your message under the manger. I wrote “Joy to the World”, but you can choose your own message. I penciled mine out first and then went over it in red crayon.
  • You will notice that we left the front of the card blank. Use your markers and crayons to decorate it however you would like.
Manger Card
Manger Card

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3D Manger Christmas Card
3D Manger Christmas Card
3D Manger Christmas Card
3D Manger Christmas Card
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