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Monster Shape Flip Book

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Learning shapes becomes so much more fun when you use this monster shape flip book. Plus, you can also work on colors and scissors skills.


  • 8 Paper plates (9 inch coated)
  • 2 Pipe cleaners
  • Markers
  • Assorted scraps of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch
  • Optional: Googly eyes, Elmer’s glue

**Check out the “fill your bag” page to learn how to build your crafting kit so that you can create EVERY…SINGLE…CRAFT on this blog! Never be without an “ingredient” when you are in the middle of a fun project. It is my mission to make creating with your family doable…and something that will fit into the nooks of time that you have in between your real life, because it is SOOO important! And, I solemnly swear, NO glitter will be involved!

Step 1

  • Trim about 1 inch off each side a paper plate
  • Now cut off 1-2 inch section from the bottom
  • Use this as the template for trimming the remaining 7 plates
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 1
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 1

Step 2

  • Use the hole punch to make 4 holes on the “spine” of the book. Be sure to leave a gap in the center so that the pages can be cut in half.
  • Make the holes on the first page and then use it as a template for the others.
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 2
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 2

Step 3

  • Cut across the middle of one of the pages
  • Use this as the template to cut across the other 5 inside pages
  • **Do not cut the cover and the back page
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 3
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 3

Step 4

  • Cut shapes out of the scraps of construction paper
  • Shapes should be small enough to fit on a half page (approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in size)
  • Vary the colors and shapes
  • *For little ones who have not yet mastered using scissors, precut the shapes. Allow them to snip in hair and “fur” with supervision.
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 4
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 4

Step 5

  • Glue the shapes onto the pages to form “monsters”, placing one shape on the top and another on the bottom
  • Embellish the monsters using the markers (and googly eyes if desired)
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 5
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 5

Step 6

  • Decorate the cover as desired
  • Cut each pipe cleaner into thirds
  • Lace a pipe cleaner piece through a set of holes and twist together to secure into a circle
  • Repeat this step for each hole
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 6
Shape Monster Flip Book Step 6

The educational benefits of this craft are obvious…learning colors and shapes using the finished product! And what a fun way to do it! They will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize learning is happening 🙂

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