Pumpkin Memory Game

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You are going to love making and playing this pumpkin memory game. In this part of the country, it just beginning to actually feel like fall. I had to turn on the heat in the house last night to avoid freezing solid and pulled out all of my sweaters, which I love! Make this game part of your fall family fun night as you make, play and snack.

And, of course, I want all of the comfort foods that go with this time of the year. (Ok, you’re right. I want those all year round!) So, without further ado, let’s get started by making, and then playing, a fun and simple pumpkin kids’ activity. And last (or first if you prefer), have a yummy snack together.

Since we are all moving at the speed of sound these days and hardly have a moment to even take a breath, don’t let these fleeting moments pass you by that you could be spending quality time with your family. Get reminders and a free printout for each of these fall family fun nights sent straight to your inbox first thing Monday morning. Whatever I can do to help make your life a little easier.



  • Orange construction paper (at least 2 pieces)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black crayon
  • Something round to trace-about 2″ diameter (not in the bag)

So, you might be wondering why I say supplies “from the bag”…and I am so glad you asked! The bag that I am referring to is the one that makes it possible for you to create with your kids at a moment’s notice whenever you might find that rare spare moment in your day. And you have this bag ready to go because you have already spent just a little bit of time (maybe even just five minutes on Amazon) to fill it using our free printable list or Amazon links.

Once your bag is filled, you have the supplies that you need to make every single project on this blog without additional preparation! You will not need to basically make the craft before your kids make the craft or visit Michael’s several times, because you missed something the first time, and the second time (if you are like me), and still be in the middle of a craft and realize that you are missing a key “ingredient”. I hope that this helps you be able to create more with your kids, because it is just THAT important! You will be happy you did, EVERY…TIME!

Step 1: Trace

  • Trace something round that has about a 2″ diameter onto the orange construction paper. I used a small juice glass.
  • Make as many circles as you can fit onto a paper.
  • You should make a minimum of 12 circles, but make more for a more challenging game.
  • If you prefer a more detailed pumpkin, download the printable and print it onto orange paper.
pumpkin memory game step 1
pumpkin memory game step 1

Step 2: Cut Out the Fall Game Pieces

  • Cut out each of the circles that you have drawn.
pumpkin memory game step 2
pumpkin memory game step 2

Step 3: Create the Jack-o-lanterns

  • Draw matching pairs of jack-o-lantern faces onto the pumpkins
  • *Do not use a marker for this step because it will show through to the other side of the game pieces
pumpkin memory game step 3
pumpkin memory game step 3


Most of you have played the “Memory” game with your kids before. But, if you are like our family, everyone has their own way of playing the classics. So, to make it fair and help you avoid your own family WW3, here is a set of rules that you can play by so that everyone is in agreement. There is no limit to the number of players. Though the more players that you have, the more pumpkins should be on the board. The age limits for this game are approximately age 2 to inifity (and there are a few little ones who can master this game prior to age 2).

  • Place all of the game pieces face down and mix them up a little
  • Lay them out in a grid pattern
  • Start with the youngest player and then go around the group clockwise
  • On your turn, flip over 2 pumpkins. If they match, keep the pair and flip over 2 more. Keep flipping over 2 at a time until you do not get a match. Then it is the next person’s turn.
  • Keep repeating this until there are no pumpkins left to turn over.
  • Each play should count up their pairs. The person with the most sets of pumpkins WINS!

I have to let the pediatric OT in me say just a few words about this activity. These Fall Family Fun Nights really are all about the fun you can have together as a family, but your kids will also be working on so many skills while they are having a good time. When making the jack-o-lantern faces they are working on spatial awareness, how the mouth, eyes and nose are related to each other and where to place them on the face. Then they are working on fine motor coordination and developing a mature grasp pattern while coloring. Next they are working on visual memory (the whole point of this game really). And all the while, they it won’t feel like work…because they are just having fun doing this pumpkin kids activity. But what a great way to develop skills for school…and life!


And now for my favorite part of the night…because what is quality family time without good food!?! At least, that has always been my experience. Of course, I also grew up in a church that took every opportunity to throw a popluck. (That should give you a sense of my background and culture.) I am not too shabby in the kitchen, but who has the time these days! With that in mind, I have turned to a very simple recipe from one of my favorite blogs, NellieBellie. This week’s snack is S’More Eclaire Bars. And they are just like they sound…little bites of cheesecake heaven topped with toasted marshmallows and sweet chocolate.

I would absolutely love to hear about your family fall fun nights! Share your stories, pictures, videos at hello@inthebagkidscrafts.com. And, tell me who won your pumpkin memory game (our family is VERY competitive).

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pumpkin kids activity
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