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Halloween Paddle Ball Game

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I am a big fan of the Fall! Warm cozy sweaters, campfires, beautiful colors and pumpkin everything…what is not to love? And what better time to spend some intentional time bonding with your family?…just enjoying each other’s company before the hectic holiday season kicks in. Throughout the next six weeks, I will be posting a fall family fun night challenge each Monday-so that you can choose what night works best for your clan. This Halloween paddle ball game is a great way to kick off the challenge!

Each fall family fun night will be low on prep but very high on fun. If you have your craft kit put together using our free printable list, you already have what you will need for the crafts that go with each night (and every other craft on this blog too).

Each week will include three parts…MAKE, PLAY, SNACK! Even though I will be posting these on the blog, I know that it is nice to get a reminder. Sign up for our emails, and I will send our fall family fun night challenges right to your inbox…plus, you will get a little something extra in the email.

Now, let the fun commence!

Step 1: MAKE!


  • 4 Paper plates
  • Crayons
  • Tape
  • 4 Large popsicle sticks
  • Markers/sharpie
  • Tissue paper squares (orange)
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • White construction paper scraps
  • Red construction paper scrap
  • Green construction paper scrap
  • Scissors

*These supplies will make the 4 Halloween paddles pictured, but please feel free to make your own characters with whatever supplies you have in your craft bag.

Ghost Paddle How To:

  • Using the Sharpie or another marker or crayon, draw a ghost face on the concave portion of one of the paper plates
  • Tape a large popsicle stick onto the back of the plate to use as a handle
Halloween Paddle Ball Game Ghost
Ghost paddle step 1
ghost paddle step 2
ghost paddle step 2

Frankenstein Paddle How To:

  • First, draw Frankenstein’s head on the concave portion of one of the paper plates
  • Then, add details, such as bolts, hair, and eyes using the construction paper and a glue stick
  • Last, tape a large popsicle stick to the back to use as a handle-see picture above
Halloween Paddle Ball Game Frankenstein
Frankenstein paddle ball step 1

Jack-o-Lantern Paddle How To:

  • First cover the concave portion of one of the paper plates with squares of orange tissue paper, adhering with the glue stick
  • Then cut triangle eyes and a jack-o-lantern mouth from the black construction paper and glue in place. Cut a green stem and glue in place.
  • Last, tape a large popsicle stick onto the back of the plate to use as the paddle’s handle-see ghost above for pics of this step
Jack-o-Lantern Paddle
halloween paddle ball jack-o-lantern step 1

Dracula Paddle How To:

  • First draw the face of Dracula onto the concave portion of a paper plate
  • Next, cut a small bow tie from the red construction paper and glue in place
  • Last, tape a large popsicle stick to the back of the plate to use as a handle-see pic on ghost paddle “how to” for a pic of this step
Halloween Paddle Ball Game Dracula
HHalloween paddle ball Dracula step 1

Step 2: PLAY!

This Halloween paddle ball game can be played inside or outside, because your “ball” will just be a crumpled up piece of orange construction paper (like a pumpkin-get it?) For this game you can feel free to make up your own rules, or play by no rules at all. But if you would like to play by some existing rules, here they are…

  • Make a line in the middle of the “court”. This can be imaginary or marked off with some masking tape.
  • There can be between 1-4 players on each side of the court. The numbers for opposing teams should be equal.
  • The goal is to keep the pumpkin ball in the air for as long as possible. If it comes down and hits the ground on your side of the court, the other team gets a point.
  • There is no limit to the number of times that it can be hit on a side, as long as it does not hit the ground before going back over the line.
  • You can only use the paddle to hit the ball and not your hands.
  • Play until one team has at least 15 points and wins by 2

Step 3: SNACK!

I am a firm believer that good food really makes an event. What would Thanksgiving being without turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie or the fourth of July be without hot dogs on the grill? So, I could not leave you to hang out with your family and enjoy an evening together without inluding a yummy snack! Sometimes, the snack idea will come from my own kitchen, but this week we are visiting the kitchen of www.pinkstripeysocks.com for her fabulous and easy “Groovy Pumpkin Cheesecake Marbles Brownies”. I can almost taste them already…yum!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Marble Brownieshttp://www.pinkstripeysocks.com/2018/11/easy-groovy-pumpkin-cheesecake-marbled.html

If you decide to make this recipe together as part of the festivities, do that first. Then you can make and play the Halloween paddle ball game while they are in the oven. If you just want to have them as a treat, think about making them in advance.

So, what fun things do you have planned for this Autumn? Think about starting with the Halloween Paddle Ball Game for your next family night in. I hope this Fall Family Fun Challenge will be part of your plans. Check in on social media or share pics and stories at hello@inthebagkidscrafts.com.

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Halloween Paddle Ball Game
Halloween kids activity paddle ball

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