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Name crafts
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We’ve all heard that for preschoolers, learning through play is the best way to help them develop any new skill. This isn’t just an opinion, it’s been proven over and over again through research and study. These name crafts are a great way to incorporate learning through a fun hands-on activity that feels like play rather than work.

Play can actually build a child’s brain. Basically, what we do is who we are. When a child plays, they are experiencing the world through all of the senses. They learn to try and fail and try again without frustration or judgement. It’s like one big experiment. And they use what they discover to not only adapt the structure of their brains, but also strengthen the skills they need to continue being engaged, flexible learners for their whole lives.

This article is a great resource to learn more about the benefits and research around learning through play.

Albert Einstein was has been famously quoted as saying “Play is the highest form of research.” And this is so true. It’s important to give our children opportunities to figure out the world around them and develop strategies. Play is the perfect medium, and crafting falls under that heading.

Name Crafts in Action

Make 15 seasonal and themed name crafts with your kids from our new collection. Actually, it’s 17 since I’m also going to give you a couple of bonuses. When I thought I was done, I had a couple more ideas that I just had to share with you.

Get the Name Crafts Collection HERE

Name Crafts collection ipad image in fall setting

The crafts in this collection are geared toward preschoolers but could also be used with a kindergarten classroom (or with your kindergartener at home). Most kindergarteners could still benefit from practice in writing their names, and crafts also help them develop other skills, like fine motor coordination, scissors skills, motor planning and problem solving.

If you’d like more information on teaching name writing, check out this article by Ready Hands for Kindergarten.

This Name Craft Collection Includes:

  • Pro tips from a pediatric OT on how to best use these name crafts
  • Materials lists
  • Lots of visuals
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • Inspiration quotes
  • Printable craft templates
items for each name craft in collection including instructions, materials and template

There’s something for every major US holiday and then some. Here are the crafts that are included in this collection:

  • Snowman Name Craft
  • Dinosaur Name Craft
  • Giraffe Name Craft
  • Flower Name Craft
  • Train Name Craft
  • Pencil Name Craft
  • Pumpkins Name Craft
  • Turkey Name Craft
  • Rainbow Name Craft
  • Caterpillar Name Craft
  • Pizza Name Craft
  • Flamingo Name Craft
  • Rocketship Name Craft
  • Ice Cream Name Craft
  • Christmas Lights Name Craft

Plus the bonuses, which include 2 more name crafts (because I just couldn’t stop myself)…a weiner dog and an alligator, printable “googly” eyes, my proven name writing system with worksheets, and training videos for getting the most out of these name crafts.

bonus name crafts weiner dog and alligator

I’m sure that everyone will have their own favorite from this collection. I think that mine is the pizza…no, wait…the pencil…or maybe the dinosaur. They’re all so cute. It’s hard to choose.

Name crafts caterpillar, pizza and flower
Name crafts pencil, Christmas lights and turkey
Name crafts snowman, pumpkins and dinosaur

So, who’s ready to get to crafting and learning at the same time? These are perfect for using with your preschooler at home or for an entire classroom.

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Name Craft Collection
Name Crafts for Preschool
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