Deer Craft for Kids (with FREE Craft Template)

Deer Craft for Kids
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This sleeping deer craft is simply the sweetest thing ever. It starts with a paper plate but then turns into a little work of art really. We got out the paint for this one, but you can stick to using crayons and markers if you’re not in a place where you can deal with the “mess” of paint.

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Nourish Your Relationship with Your Kids as You Craft Together all Year Long…

Fun Facts about Deer

  • Deer can sprint up to 30 miles per hour.
  • They can also jump as high as 10 feet.
  • Their hearing is amazing, hearing frequences higher than humans can.
  • They also have an amazing sense of smell.
  • A group of deer is called a herd.
  • Deer communicate with sounds but also with visual cues and a odors that they emit.
  • Reindeer are the only domesticated type of deer that coexist with humans. Most deer species spend their lifetime in the wild.

To learn more about deer, check out this article by One Kind Planet.

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Combine Reading with Crafting

The best way to enhance the crafting experience is to combine it with reading a good book. Here are some of our favorite deer themed books for kids.


  • Paper plate (9-inch coated)
  • Newspaper
  • Pompom
  • Clothespin
  • Q-tips
  • Paint (brown and white)
  • Scissors
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Construction paper
  • Stapler with staples
  • Deer craft template

One criteria that we use for what makes a “good” kids’ craft is that the kiddo spends more time with it hands-on than the adult. That means less prep and more creating. To make this possible, we have implemented a system where we stick to a master list of craft supplies to make everything that you see here. That way, you have close to zero prep for any craft that you choose. Just pull out your already filled bag, and you’re ready to go. Happy crafting 🙂

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Deer Craft for Kids

How to make a Sleeping Deer Craft

Step 1: Paint the Plate

  • Lay out some newspaper on your crafting surface.
  • Pinch a pompom with a clothespin to form a “paint brush”.
  • Place the paper plate, bottom side up, on the newspaper.
  • Squeeze out some brown paint and fully paint the bottom of the plate.
  • Set it aside to give it some time to dry.

*If you do not have a construction paper that is near the color of your paint, you may also want to paint a piece of paper to use for the next step. Be sure to only use a thin layer of paint so that the paper does not warp too much.


Step 2: Use the Deer Craft Template

  • Download and print the deer craft template.
  • Use the template to cut out the parts for your deer from construction paper.
  • Note that the antlers are optional, depending on if you’d like to make a little girl or boy fawn.
  • We used brown construction paper (that we painted…though you don’t have to) for the head and tail, black for the nose and gray for the antlers.

Step 3: Make It a 3D

  • Once the paint has dried, cut a slit in the paper plate going from the edge to the center.
  • Overlap the 2 sides of the plate and secure it with a couple of staples to form a slight cone shape.

Step 4: Put It Together

  • Now use a glue stick to add the nose and antlers (if you choose) to the head of your deer craft.
  • Also use markers to draw on the closed eyes and any other details you would like.
  • Then glue the head over the slit that you cut, placing it at a slight angle.
  • Last, glue the tail in place so that it is curling around the body and the tip of the tail is close by and pointing toward the deer’s head (as pictured).

Step 5: Add Details to Your Deer Craft

  • For a finishing touch, put some white paint onto some newspaper or a paper plate.
  • Use a q-tip to add dots to the fawn’s back and top of the head.
  • We also made some white streaks on the tail, which are often seen on the under side of a deer’s tail.
  • Rosy cheeks can be made with some pink or crayon.

Turn It Into a Rudolph Craft

Now that you know how to make this adorable fawn craft, you can easily turn into into a Christmas craft. Make it a ruldolph craft by simply changing out the color and shape of the nose. Make a round red nose instead, and there you have a sweet little sleeping Rudolph…probably tired after helping to deliver all of those presents.

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Paper Plate Deer Craft for Kids
Fawn Craft for Kids
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