Raccoon Craft with Newspaper

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I have always been a fan of adding texture and print to projects. And a super inexpensive and easy way to do that is to use some newspaper for that added special something. Newspaper crafts are simply the best. This raccoon craft brings in some newspaper elements and is made even easier with a printable raccoon craft template. Honestly, woodland animal activities are some of my favorite lately too. And this racoon craft brings some of my favs together perfectly.


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Raccoon Craft for Kids

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The supplies needed for this Raccoon craft are so basic, and every single item is on the master list that we use for every single project on this site. No matter what you make, if you have filled your bag using our list, you will have everything that you need. Kids’ craft ideas are so cute and fun to look at, but they are useless if kids aren’t actually making them. So, we want to make it easier for you to craft with your kids.

Step 1: Paint the Raccoon Face

Raccoon Craft Step 1
  • Place the piece of construction paper that you have chosen for the background of your picture in front of you lying in a landscape (horizontal position).
  • Squeeze some gray paint out on the paper plate.
  • Use the pompom to tap paint a large football shape onto your paper for the head of your raccoon.
  • Then add a little more paint in a wide triangle for the body of your raccoon.
  • Set the paper aside and give it a few minutes to dry while you move on to step 2.

Step 2: Cut Out the Raccoon Craft Template Pieces

Raccoon Craft Step 2
  • Print the raccoon craft template. If you do not have access to a printer, look at the template and draw the parts free-hand.
  • Trace each of the parts of your paper racoon craft, on the appropriate paper (newspaper, black construction paper, etc.)
  • Cut out the pieces and set the aside. If these are raccoon crafts for preschoolers, you will want to precut these parts. Though some preschoolers will be able to cut the ears and snout pieces since they are basic shapes.

*When cutting the pieces for this racoon craft from newspaper, you want to be sure to pick a section of the newspaper that has some plain print. Stay away from pictures and colors (unless you want to use that comics. That can be a fun twist on these animal arts and crafts.) You will see that I also used the crossword. This is also a fun option. Whatever you do, DO NOT use the obituaries. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

Step 3: Glue Together the Raccoon Craft

Raccoon Craft for Kids Step 3
Step 3
  • Now that the paint has dried, let’s put our raccoon craft together.
  • Using the picture as a guide, glue the parts onto your raccoon craft.
  • Last, add the raccoon’s eyes.

Step 4: Add the Details

Raccoon Craft for Kids Step 4
Step 4
  • For a finishing touch, use the black Sharpie marker to give your raccoon some details, such as a smile.
  • Also use your markers to give the bow tie some highlights or other elements.

As always, my version of this craft is just a guideline. You should make this raccoon craft your own. Seriously, if you want your raccoon to be purple with orange stripes, then you should to that. If you want to give your a little hairbow or have it wearing a necklace or whatever, do that. Use your imagination and make it your own. This is your craft project. Put your own personality into it.

Happy Crafting!

XO Joy

Save this Raccoon Paper Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Raccoon Craft for Kids
Raccoon Craft for Kids
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