Bunny Silhouette Kids’ Craft


Today’s craft is so simple and easily adapted for kids of all any age! And the finished project will be a fun Spring or Easter decoration for your home to brighten things up as we move out of a long dreary winter. We will be adding a bunny silhouette to our craft today, but feel free to mix it up and use another silhouette, such as flowers or even the family pet. Let your kids really make it however they would like and encourage them to use their imaginations!

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This is the perfect time of year to make these beautiful paper plate birds and learn about our feathery friends…

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  • 1-inch squares of tissue paper (variety of colors of your choic)
  • Glue stick
  • 9-inch paper plate (coated is best)
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/marker
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Small black pompom

I want to make it easier for busy parents, like you, to be able to find time to craft with their kids. So, I have developed a slightly unique approach to crafting. EVERY project that you find here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts” is made from the same finite master list of supplies. With this approach, there is less prep, less stress, less mess and less time needed for meaningful interactions with your family! Find out what to put in your bag. I promise you, half of these things you already have in your home…

How to Make an Easter Bunny Craft

Step 1: Decorate the plate

  • Using the glue stick to adhere, cover bottom of the paper plate in one-inch tissue paper squares.
  • You can use whatever colors you like and make whatever pattern! For little ones, just let them place the pieces randomly. For older kiddos, they may want to make more intricate patterns. Encourage them to make it their own. There is no wrong way to do this step.
  • *If there are a lot of edges sticking up when you are finished, you can just leave them or go over the project, using the glue stick to smooth things out.

One of the most important things that we can do when spending time with our kiddos, is point out the things that they are doing right! Positive reinforcement goes a long way to a child wanting to continue practicing those much-needed skills, instead of giving up because things get a little difficult. Encourage them to keep going with these handy phrases…

Tissue paper crafts are a great way for little ones to practice fine motor skills. Encourage them to use a “tip pinch”, the index finger opposed to the thumb, each time they pick up a little tissue paper square, rather than trying to pick up several at once with their full hand. And using a tip pinch is foundational for manipulating tools used in school, such as crayons, paint brushes, scissors, pencils and even a spoon.

Another skill that we can work on with this craft is one you may not have heard of before…crossing midline. Imagine that there is an imaginary line going down the center of the body. As we move around, we naturally cross over that line with parts of our body, usually without giving it a second thought.

This skill is generally mastered by around age 3-5, but you may notice that your little one doesn’t reach across his/her body. Instead, they may use the hand that is closes to the item, sometimes passing it to the preferred hand. Mastery of this skill demonstrates an organization of the nervous system that then allows the kiddo to move on to mastering more advanced skills. When a child is not spontaneously crossing midline, you will also likely see difficulties with reading, writing, overall coordination, etc. To learn more about this skill, check out THIS post.

To practice crossing midline while doing this craft, place the tissue paper squares opposite of your child’s preferred hand. If they are not yet demonstrating a hand that they prefer, see which hand they start out with and then encourage them to keep using that hand. You will see that your kiddo will want to use the hand closest to the pile of tissue paper squares, but you should encourage them to reach across with the opposite hand. You may even go as far as to slightly restrict the movement of the nearest hand so that they reach across each time. I don’t mean drive your child to totally aggravation…remember, we still want them to be having fun!

Step 2: Cut the silhouette

  • Print out the bunny silhouette of your choice (free printable below), pick a clip art off line to trace or draw your own
  • Now transfer that silhouette onto the black construction paper and cut it out

Step 3: Put it all together

  • Use your glue stick to adhere the black silhouette onto the decorated plate
  • For an added special touch for your bunny silhouettes (if that is what you have chosen), add a fluffy black tail by gluing a small black pompom in place
  • *A final optional step is to cut your entire project into an egg shape to make it an extra special Easter decoration!

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Happy Crafting!!!


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