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Printable paper Eyes
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In our bag of craft supplies, we always keep some googly eyes. I am personally a fan of adding this little bit of quirkiness to crafts, but I also know that they’re the only thing on our master list of craft supplies that are not eco friendly. So, I also wanted to give you an option to use instead of the googly eyes that are a little more friendly to our planet. These free printable eyes for crafts should do the trick.

You can utilize these printable paper eyes in place of anywhere it says “googly eyes” in the supply list for a craft in almost every instance.

Free Printable Eyes for Crafts Paper Googly Eyes

If you are a fan of recycled crafts, check out our collection of recycled newspaper crafts.

Get Your Free Printable Eyes for Crafts

Our free printable paper googly eyes come in a variety of sizes on one sheet. There are also several designs to choose from to give your craft creations different expressions. There is a pdf of both round and oval shaped printable paper eyes. For best results, leave some of the black border intact when cutting.

FREE Paper Googly eyes to print and use with crafts for kids

We also recommend that you print onto cardstock so that the eyes are sturdier, easier to cut out and have a more 3D look to them. Or if you want to get extra fancy, print them onto plain sticker paper so that you can just stick them in place…no glue needed!

printable paper googly eyes
Print, Cut and Glue!

Once you have downloaded the free googly eye pdf, just print, cut and glue in place. It couldn’t be easier.

Save your printed out sheet so that you can use other eyes from the page in the future rather than printing again. Store it with your construction paper in your bag. I like to put all of mine in a large 2 gallon ziploc bag for safe keeping (which you can recycle when you’re done with it).

This sheet of googly eyes is housed in our resource library and is free to our subscribers. Sign up below to get access to the resource library and get your copy of these paper googly eyes.

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