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    Paper Snowflake Crafts

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    Let’s learn how to make paper snowflakes, though they are not exactly the kind that you are thinking. These paper snowflake crafts start with a paper plate and have a center laced with white yarn. Winter crafts can be so much fun, and we have lots of snowflake ideas! Just type “snowflake” into the search to see even more snowy crafts for you to make this winter. This paper snowflake craft is appropriate for elementary aged kids when completed from beginning to end because the cutting can be a little tricky. But if you precut the snowflakes, this is a great snowflake craft for 3 year olds or other littles. They will love lacing the center, and it is a great fine motor activity. You can even let them paint the snowflake fun colors before lacing.

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    These supplies are part of the master list of craft items that we use for every…single…project here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”. At first glance, limiting ourselves to a finite list of craft supplies might seem to squash creativity. But it is just the opposite! Just look at all of the things we have made here (and more coming every week!). By sticking to our list for inspiration, we have removed creative paralysis that having too many things, often disorganized and overflowing in a neglected closet, can lead to. Get the list so that you can fill your bag and craft along!

    Step 1: Use the Snowflake Template

    STEP 1
    • In pencil, draw a snowflake with a circle in the middle on the bottom of your paper plate OR print and trace the snowflake templates
    • Gentle bend your paper plate in half (without creasing it if possible) and make a small snip in the middle. Use that snip as a starting place to cut out the inside circle of your snowflake.
    • Now cut out the outside part of your paper snowflake craft.

    Step 2: Punch the Holes

    STEP 2
    • Now that your paper snowflake is cut out, punch holes around the circle, approximately 1/2″ apart and equally spaced (as best as you can)

    Step 3: Lace It Up

    STEP 3
    • Cut a piece of white yarn approximately 1 yard long.
    • Place a small piece of tape around the end to make it easier for it to go through the holes.
    • Now pull the yarn through the first hole and secure the end in the back with a small piece of tape. Be sure not to cover any of the holes with the tape.
    • Lace the yarn back and forth though the holes until the middle has a nice covering. If you want to make a pattern, feel free. But you can also just move here and there through the holes in any random pattern.
    • When you get to the end, trim off the excess and secure it with another piece of tape on the back of the paper snowflake.

    Optional: Crank It Up

    If you would like to crank this snowflake craft up a notch or two, add some paint (crayons or markers would work too). Before step 3, get out your painting supplies and make these snowflakes colorful. Here is what they might look like…


    As mentioned earlier, the cutting of this project is more advanced. But if you want your littles to make this project, just precut the shape for them and let them complete the rest of the steps. You can even help them use the hole punch, which is great for hand strength. Give them just as much help as they need, and not more.

    And I cannot say enough about how beneficial lacing is for promoting so many developmental hand skills. It requires control and precision, with the hands working together (aka-bilateral coordination). And it also requires the hands and eyes to coordinate efficiently (aka-visual motor integration). Since this is not a stiff board that they will be lacing on, this also requires your child to monitor how much pressure to use when pulling the yarn through (aka-proprioception). Finally, they will need to make decisions each time they decide to put the yarn through another hole.

    If you would like to learn even more about proprioception, check out this article from Your Therapy Source.

    More lacing activities to try:

    These lacing winter crafts make great snowflake crafts for preschoolers when cut out in advance. You can even kick them up a notch by painting or coloring them before doing the lacing. There are no rules here. Who says that snow can only be white? Adding color is always a fun way to elevate any craft project for kids. I cannot wait to see what you make!

    Happy crafting!

    XOXO Joy

    Save these Paper Snowflake Crafts for later. Pin to your favorite Pinterest board…


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