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    Cow Craft for Kids (with Newspaper Details)

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    Maybe it’s just me, but this cow craft is made extra cute with the newspaper details. Seriously, newspaper crafts are absolutely the best…and a great way to recycle too. Some of my very favorite crafts on this site are farm animals, like a rooster, pig, sheep and horse. You should definitely check them out. But don’t stop there. Check out all of the animal crafts!

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    If you are new around here, there really is something that you should know…we stick to the same 27 basic craft supplies (like construction paper, scissors, paper plates, glue sticks…you get the idea) to make every single creative project on this site. Once you fill your kids’ craft bag using our master list, you are ready to craft along. Just pick your favorite craft…and then another…and another. You will always have what you need without any additional prep.

    Step 1: Paint Your Cow Paper Craft

    • Place your piece of construction paper on some newspaper to control the mess.
    • Then squeeze out some white paint.
    • Use the pompom to tap paint an oval for the cow’s head and then a triangle going to the bottom of the page for the body.
    • Give it a minute to dry while you move on to step 2.
    STEP 1

    Step 2: Use the Cow Craft Template

    • Print the painted cow craft template.
    • Then use it to cut out the pieces of the cow as pictured.
    STEP 2

    Step 3: Turn It Into a Newspaper Craft

    • Tear some pieces of paper in random shapes to be the spots of your cow.
    • Now that the white paint is dry, glue the torn pieces of newspaper in place. You can use the picture as a guide or just place yours where you would like. Make it your own.
    STEP 3

    Step 4: Give Your Cow Craft Some Details

    • Now add those details that you cut out in step 2.
    • Glue on the nose, ears and horns.
    • Finally, stick the googly eyes in place.
    STEP 4

    Step 5: Finish Off the Cow Paper Craft

    • Use your markers to add some more details, as many as you would like.
    • Really give your cow some personality. After all, this is your craft. So, you should make your cow look however you want.
    STEP 5

    Now that you know how to make a cow craft, it’s time to really put imagination to work and turn it into a work of art. Use whatever you have on hand to add more personality to your adorable cow. Maybe you want to add some pink cheeks, a bow tie, hair bow…or maybe instead of white paint your cow is rainbow tie dyed. The only limit is your imagination. Yours cow craft does not need to look like the picture. Make it your own.

    At first, this may not seem like an obvious choice for a craft for toddlers. And any craft that you do with a toddler is going to take a little extra supervision and assistance (though don’t over help. Let them be as independent as possible and make lots of “mistakes”. Crafts are a great learning opportunity.) I was asked in a Facebook comment how to make this craft toddler friendly, and here was my response…

    Draw the outline of the cow and then have your toddler tap paint inside the shapes. It’s a great way to work on visual perceptual skills, as well as fine motor (pinching the pom pom). Have them tear the newspaper (great for bilateral coordination) and only assist as needed. The spots can be as big or little as you want and whatever shape. So, it’s great for just tearing away. Have them tear several spots and use the ones that work best for the cow.

    Precut the other shapes that will be added. Have them help you glue everything together. Point out places that they can add more glue, but try to be as hands off as possible. Show them the picture and have them match what they see to put the pieces in place. Yes, you will need to be more hands on than with older kids, but you little one will be working on so many skills and love that they made something special. Hope this was helpful.

    Save this Newspaper Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…


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