Saint Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

This Saint Patrick’s Day kids craft is one of the simplest projects you can do, and yet it is jam-packed with fun! Each little creation is totally unique…just like your little ones! And there are so few “rules” on this one. Really, once you are past step 1, where you cut out the lucky clovers, the rest is ALL you! So, just enjoy the process of creating with your kids!


  • Green construction paper
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • EVERYTHING from your craft bag (let me help you fill it up with the “right” stuff)

This craft, like EVERY craft on this site, is made from the same master list of supplies. My hope is that this will make crafting with your family more enjoyable and accessible! It will definitely ensure that when you find that minute in the midst of your busy day, where you want to just be with your kids and do something fun, YOU WILL BE READY! Find out what to put in your bag (lots of these things you will already have in your house)…

Step 1: Cut out the clover

  • Get out your green construction paper and draw a clover that fills up that entire page
  • OR…print this template to use and trace it onto your green paper
  • Cut out the large clover
  • Now…MAKE MORE! You can never have too much good luck!
decorative clovers step 1:  cut out the clover
Decorative clovers step 1: cut out the clovers

*This project takes slightly more advanced cutting skills. So, if you are working with a preschooler (or even a kindergarten kiddo), you will need to do the cutting. But leave all of the other fun stuff to them.

Step 2: Decorate

  • Now get from your bag whatever items you think would make your clover festive and fun! Really, there is no wrong way to decorate these St. Patrick’s Day gems. Your lucky clover should be as unique as you are!
  • Here are a few ideas to get you started..

Here are some ideas for displaying your decorated St. Patrick’s Day Clovers!

  • Put them in a scrapbook to share with your friends and family
  • Glue them to the front of a lunch bag to make into a fun gift bag or just a way to brighten up your day at meal time
  • Get out your white yarn and clothespins and make them into a banner. Put it somewhere in your home where everyone can enjoy your creations!
  • Lay them around your dining table for a colorful tablescape while you enjoy some cabbage and corned beef.
  • Put them in frames for a more formal holiday decoration.
  • Glue them to the front of a card and give them away with a special message for St. Patrick’s Day!

Save this Saint Patrick’s Day Kids Craft for later! Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Saint Patrick's Day kids craft
St. Patrick’s Day Kids’ Craft

Happy Crafting!!!



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