Christmas Tree Ornament Kids’ Craft

Christmas Tree Ornament
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Christmas is a great time for kids’ crafting! For one thing, there is so much inspiration during the holiday season. Plus, kids end up home on an extended break from school complaining of boredom after about the first 8 minutes or so. You know what I am saying. You will never regret creating something together as a family, especially things that can live on from year to year, like this Christmas Tree Ornament, perfect to hang on your family tree!


  • 6 Clothespins
  • Green paint
  • 3 Paper plates
  • Medium pompom (for painting
  • Assorted mini pompoms
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • Washi tapes in yellow and brown patterns
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Pipe cleaner (optional)

You might have noticed that “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts” is a little bit different than other kids’ crafting blogs you might have come across. For one thing, the crafts here are kept simple so that they really can be done by a child (not the parent). After all, this is supposed to be ALL about the kids, not about how creative I am (though I am pretty creative 🙂 But the biggest difference you will notice is that EVERY…SINGLE…PROJECT…on this blog is made from the same master list of craft supplies. This is done so that, in this busy and crazy world, you might actually stand a chance of being able to craft with your kids. And have a plan to do so without the extreme prep, stress and mess (This is a glitter free zone). Here is how to get the free printable list of what to put in your bag so that you are ready to craft along…

Step 1

  • First, break 5 of the clothespins apart and place them on a plate
  • Then, squeeze a small amount of green paint onto the plate
  • Pinch the medium pompom with the remaining clothespin to make a “paint brush”
  • Finally, paint each of the clothespin pieces entirely and let the paint dry. *Move the pieces around while they are drying so that they do not stick to the plate.
Ornament step 1
ornament step 1

Step 2

  • Paint one of the plates green in the center
  • Sit the plate aside to let the paint dry
ornament step 2
ornament step 2

Step 3

  • While the green paint is drying (which shouldn’t take very long), cover a section of the final plate with the brown patterned washi tape
  • Cover another section of that same plate with the yellow patterned washi tape
  • Cut a rectangle out of the brown section. This will be the tree trunk.
  • Draw a star on the back of the plate where the yellow tape is located. Then, cut out the star. It does not need to be perfect.
ornament step 3
ornament step 3

Encouraging our kids as they are trying new things, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, is so important. We want to give them that affirmation so that they want to keep trying…because that is the only way to really learn! If you are looking for some ways to give you child praise as they craft with you, I’ve got you covered. Give these a try!

Step 4

  • First, use the Elmer’s glue to adhere the painted clothespins to the green painted plate in a tree pattern.
  • Then glue the mini pompoms on as the Christmas tree ornaments
  • Allow the glue to dry completely. This will take a little while. So, you might to plan to have a snack, a sensory break or let it sit overnight and come back to it the next day.
christmas tree ornament step 4
christmas tree ornament step 4

Step 5

  • Cut around the clothespins on the plate, keeping a point at the top of the tree.
  • Attach the star and the tree trunk with the glue stick
ornament step 5
ornament step 5

Optional Step 6

  • Cut the pipe cleaner in half and form it into a modified ‘u’ shape
  • Glue the pipe cleaner onto the back of the Christmas tree using the Elmer’s to form a hanger

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christmas tree ornament
christmas tree ornament
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