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    Paper Plate Horse Craft (with Wings)

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    This paper plate horse craft has wings so that it can fly! In the form of a paper plate mobile, you will find that this easy kids craft goes together quickly and takes just a few simple steps. Hang this mobile as a decoration in any kids’ room. Add details to make it your own. Even turn it into a unicorn craft for kids or a leave off the wings and paint it to be a horse mobile.

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    It is our mission to see as many families crafting together as possible. But we know that life is hectic, and you are busy. So, we have made it simpler. We stick to the same master list of inexpensive, basic craft supplies that fit into one bag when we are creating projects for you. And we do not stray from it. Once you fill your bag, you are all set. No more prep beyond that! Trust me, you will never regret the time you spend making things with your kids. You are not just making crafts; you are making memories.

    Step 1: Cut the Spiral

    STEP 1
    • Cut one of the paper plates into a spiral. Each section should be about 1 1/2″ to 2″ wide.
    • Leave a generous round section in the middle so that the horse head has something to connect to.
    • Fold the center up.

    Step 2: Use the Horse Craft Template

    • Print out the horse craft download for this craft and use it to trace out each part.
    • Trace a horse head each on two more paper plates and cut them out.
    • Then trace the legs on the white construction paper and cut them out.
    • Finally, trace the wings on the blue paper (or color of your choice) and cut them out.

    *To make this craft without the printable template, draw the parts freehand and cut them out.

    Step 3: Add More Details

    • Draw a face on each of the horse heads using the black Sharpie marker. Be careful to give the marker a minute to dry so that you do not smear it.
    • Also use your colored markers to add details to the wings and legs.

    Step 4: Start to Put It Together

    STEP 4
    • You will be sandwiching the top of the mobile in between the horse heads.
    • Put glue on the back of both of the cut out horse heads and glue them to the top of the mobile, sandwiching the part that is folded up in the middle.
    • Glue the wings and legs in place. *You should hold the mobile up, letting it hang down, to choose the placement of the horse craft. You will see that they do not line up when the circle is just lying flat. That is how it should look.

    Step 5: Make the Tail

    • Cut a square (about 5×5″) out of the remaining paper plate. Now we will make a basic yarn tassel.
    • Wrap the white yarn around the cardboard template the about ten times. Trim the end
    • Slide a piece of white yarn under the wrapped yarn and tie it off at the top. Leave some extra to tie onto your project.
    • Now slide your bundle off of the square and tie another piece of yarn just below the top, forming a tassel. Snip the ends of the yarn apart.

    Check out this video on how to make a simple yarn tassel…

    Step 6: Punch the Holes

    STEP 6
    • Use the hole punch to make a hole at the very bottom of your paper plate horse craft. This is where the tail will attach.
    • Now punch holes all the way along the back of his neck and a few on the top of the head in front of the horse’s ear.

    Step 7: Add the Mane and Tail

    • Tie the tassel onto the hole at the end of the spiral for the horse’s tail.
    • For each hole that you made on the back of the horse’s neck, cut 2 pieces of yarn about 5″ long.
    • Fold a pair of pieces of yarn in half and feed it through one of the holes. Then lace the ends of the yarn through the loop and pull it tight. Repeat this for each section of the mane.
    • Repeat this for the holes on the top of the horse’s head with shorter pieces of yarn. You can always trim them to the length that you want when you are finished.
    • Finally, slide a piece of yarn about 12″ long through one of the holes on the top of the horse’s head. This will be the hanger for your paper plate horse craft mobile.

    Save this Horse Craft Mobile (with Wings) for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…


    I cannot wait to see your version of this craft. There are no boundaries here. The instructions and the pictures that you see are only meant to be a guideline. If you want to add more color or change up the mane or make your horse into a unicorn…GO FOR IT! Seriously, rev up that imagination and let it go wild. Get together with some friends (in person or virtually) and make it into a crafting party.

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