Alphabet Letter Kids Activity

Learning should be fun!!! We learn more by doing than just by listening or seeing. It is best when all of the senses are engaged, especially for little ones whose attention spans may not be very well developed. This alphabet letter kids activity is designed to learn the letter of the week by exploring the sound of the letter and finding things that start with the letter.


  • 2 Paper plates (9-inch coated)
  • White construction paper (or printer paper)
  • Pencil
  • Crayons
  • Adult scissors
  • Brad
  • Glue stick
  • Kid scissors
  • Construction paper (color of your choice)

And, of course, these supplies come directly from “the bag” of supplies that you already have on hand if you have used our MASTER LIST to fill it up, the same master list that is used for every…single…craft…on this site. Using this approach, crafting with your kids can be spontaneous and fun! (As opposed to overly scheduled and stressful…like some of the best things become in the chaos of life). Learn more HERE!

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Step 1: Make the tool

  • Cut a notch out of one of the plates to make a “window”
  • Sandwich the two plates together, with the “window” plate on top
  • A grown up should make a hole in the center using adult scissors (please be careful with this!). This is definitely not a step that your child should be completing, not matter the age.
  • Place the brad through the center to secure them together.

Step 2: Draw the icons

  • Choose a letter of the week (or day) and draw small pictures of things that start with that letter. If you have little ones who cannot yet draw, you can draw some very basic pictures and have them color them.
  • OR cut pictures from magazines that start with the chosen alphabet letter.
  • OR check out these printables to color and cut out the little pictures. Yes, they will cost you a little bit of money, but it is less than $1 per letter. That is a pretty good deal 🙂

Step 3: Put it all together

  • First, choose a color of construction paper and draw your letter of choice (in pencil), approximately 4-5 inches tall (a good size to fit in the middle of the plate). Then cut around the letter to make it a bubble letter.
  • **If you are working with a preschooler, the cutting out will be a job for you, mom and dad. This will be a little tricky. If you have an older child making this for a little brother or sister (first of all…awww…that is so sweet!) then have them also draw the bubble letter before attempting to cut it out.
  • Now glue the letter on the front of the wheel.
  • Last, take your little cut out colored icons and glue them into the window, spacing them out as you turn the wheel so that you can only see one at a time. It is better to have too much space rather than not enough.

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