st. patrick's day kids' craft

Saint Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

This Saint Patrick's Day kids craft is one of the simplest projects you can do, and yet it is jam-packed with fun! Each little creation is totally unique...just like your little...
paper houses with pompom critters

Paper Houses and Pompom Characters

Today's craft is just beyond adorable and will lead to hours of imaginative play! Really, it is two crafts in one. First, the paper houses...make as many as you like...
Paper Fox Craft

Paper Fox Craft

Who doesn't love a sweet little fox? And this easy paper fox craft puppet is so simple and fun to make! Plus, it goes great with some classic these!...
Snowman Bookmark

DIY Snowman Bookmark

Sometimes it is the simplest crafts that are the best...don't you agree? This adorable fingerprint snowman bookmark is easy for any age to make, from toddlers on up. And it...
pilgrim kids' craft

Pilgrim Crafts for Kids

As we move through the fall season, there are so many opportunities to spend time with family...and so many chances to eat a ton a yummy comfort food. For me, it...