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Name Puzzle Printable Collection
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Teaching your child any new skill is best done with hands-on activities that engage more of the senses and feel like play. These name puzzle printable crafts are a super simple way to introduce name recognition and spelling…and take only minutes to prep. You can also work on beginning scissors skills while you’re at it.

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name crafts collection includes images of pencil craft, giraffe craft, pumpkin craft, Christmas lights craft, flower craft, pizza craft, rocketship craft, turkey craft and trian craft

These Name Crafts Make Learning Fun, and Hands-On Activities Increase Your Child’s Ability to Retain What They Learn…

Fun Facts about Learning Through Play

  • Play allows children to communicate ideas.
  • It allows kids to engage in social interactions.
  • It promotes problem solving and motor planning.
  • It is joyful and provides an outlet for stress and anxiety, which is important no matter what age you are.
  • Children have increased learning when they are engaging more of their senses. Play provides this opportunity.
  • Play allows children to practice real life scenerios so that they can make mistakes and find ways to correc them until they have a full understanding of a task or skill.
  • It’s not just an opinion that children learn best through play. Many scientific studies support this approach.
  • Play is NOT a waste of time. It’s how children learn to understand the world around them. How they gather information and organize it into useful knowledge.

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This craft is so very simple, and has a short supply list (yay!) You might notice that every single thing on the list comes from the master list of basic craft supplies that we use for every single creative project you see on this site (and in our shop). We stick to this list to make crafting way easier so that you can actually get right to the fun stuff without all of the prep. Just fill your bag and craft along!

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name puzzle printable collection

How to make a DIY Name Puzzle

Step 1: Choose a Name Puzzle Template

  • Download the name puzzle printable collection.
  • Choose a design to use for your name puzzle and print it out onto construction paper or cardstock. There are 8 shapes to choose from, including a flower, star, pumpkin, clover, heart, football, sun and apple.

*If you do not have access to a printer, simply draw a large shape onto a piece of construction paper, filling up the space.

name puzzle printable options

Step 2

  • Now that you have your shape printed out for your name puzzle, cut out the shape.
  • At this point, you can choose to add a little more creativity by coloring or drawing on your shape. You can even add some washi tape if you choose.
  • Use your black Sharpie marker to write your child’s name in large uppercase letters across the center of the puzzle. When crafting with little ones, this is a job for the grown up. But still include your child by saying the letters out loud and even having them repeat the names of the letters.
  • For children who have already mastered name writing, have them write their own name on the puzzle. For those that are in the early stages of name writing, an adult can write the name using a highlighter. Then your child can trace the name…but please be sure to help them maintain proper letter formation so that no poor habits are formed.
name puzzle printable step 2

Step 3

  • Now that youre shape has been decorated and your child’s name written across the center, cut name puzzle apart, keeping on letter on each piece.
  • For little ones who do not yet use scissors, this is a step that will be completed by an adult.
  • For little ones who have learned to cut a line, draw a bold and thick straight line between each letter and allow them to cut it.
  • For more advanced cutters, allow your child to draw crooked lines and then cut the pieces of the name puzzle printable apart.
Paper Name Puzzle step 3

Now that you’ve made one sipmle name puzzle, go ahead and make more. Really, you can make the entire collection and continue the fun. You can even use these to guide your child through the steps of name learning and writing, starting with all capital letters and then graduating to name writing in mixed case.

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paper name puzzles
toddler name craft puzzle
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