Rocket Name Craft (with FREE Template)

rocket name craft for kids
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Making a craft is a fun and simple way to teach name spelling and writing. And this rocket name craft is so much fun. We’ve written the child’s name, one letter on each section of the rocket, so that the parts can be moved around and put in the right order. Starting with letter identification and then ordering the letters moves a child closer to then being able to write the letters of their name.

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A Few Tips for Teaching Name Writing (from an OT)

  • Be careful not to put a pencil in a chid’s hand too early. First building up the muscles and coordination of the hand. And practice “writing” in other ways, like moving a finger through sand, shaping play dough into letters, making shapes on a squishy bag, etc. Introducing a pencil too early and negatively affect the development of a mature grasp and lead to frustration for both the child and the teacher.
  • Introduce name writing using all captial letters to start. They are much easier to form. Once that is mastered, upgrade the task to include mixed case letters. We call this “the kindergarten way”.
  • Begin with tracing letters. I like to use a highlighter for this. First write the letter using a highlighter and put a dot where the pencil should start. Then have your child trace the letter.
  • Work backward by writing all the letters and leaving the first letter to be traced. Then leave 2 to be traced and so on until you ask the child to trace all of the letters.
  • After tracing is mastered, have your child do the same with writing the letters rather than tracing.
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Crafting with you kids should be easy and fun, but sometimes it’s just one more thing on the ever growing “to do” list. So, we found a solution. By sticking to a master list of craft supplies that fit into one bag, we’ve eliminated so much of the prep time…and the cost too! All you need to do is fill your bag and craft along.

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Rocket Name Craft for Kids

How to make a Rocket Name Craft

Step 1: Use the Rocket Craft Template

  • Download and print the rocket craft template.
  • Use it to cut out all of the parts for your rocket name craft.
  • There are extra parts on the templates so that you can use them for a class or group if you’d like.
  • Cut out as many squares as letters in the child’s name plus one. For shorter names, add a couple of extra squares to make the rocket a little bit taller.

*If you don’t have access to a printer, simple draw squares and triangles for this rocketship craft.


Step 2: Write the Name

  • To work on letter recognition and the order of letters in the name, write an uppercase letter on each square to spell out the child’s name.

*If you’re going to work on writing also, do this with a highlighter so that your child can trace each of the letters.


Step 3: Put It Together

  • Glue the first square (a blank one unless your child has a long name) to the bottom of one of the triangles.
  • Keep gluing on letter squares until the name is complete. *If the name is short add one or two extra blank squares to your rocket.
  • Glue another triangle to the bottom of the rocket as pictured.
  • Add whatever other details you would like. We gave it a window.

Step 4 (optional): Add Some Pizzazz

  • For a special finishing touch, cut one of the squares in half and glue it to the bottom of your rocket.
  • Pull some cotton to make it fluffy and glue it onto the added section. The goal is for it to look like exhaust coming from the rocketship.

Watch as We Put Together this Rocket Name Craft

Now that you know how to make this rocket name craft, add details and change up the colors whoever you want. And then make even more name crafts with your kiddo.

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Save this Name Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Name Craft Rocketship
Name Craft Rocket
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