Dandelions Easy Kids’ Craft

dandelion craft for kids
dandelion craft for kids
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One of my absolute favorite pictures from my own childhood is one of my cousin and I in a field of white dandelions, running through them and blowing the seeds to the wind.  It’s not just my favorite because, let’s face it, we were adorable, but because I can vividly remember that moment.  We were just children enjoying the day as it was given to us.  My parents probably saw the long unmowed lawn next door as a hinderance to property values and a habitat for tics and other critters, but we saw it as an opportunity to play.  It was magic.  And this flower kids craft might seem like a little bit of magic too…magic that you can give away to someone you love.

This is a simple craft that you can make once for a single flower or replicate for an entire bouquet.  Give them as a gift or display them in a special place in your home…or you can use them in place of the flower in THIS crafty card. Wouldn’t this make a great Mother’s Day gift too?


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