Kitty Gift Bag Kids’ Craft

kitty gift bag kids craft
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There’s no party like a cat party, and these kitty gift bags are just the thing! They are fun and functional. Use them to make at the party as an activity and then send home with goodies or make with your family in advance of any party. Of course, they are good for more than just party favors. You could also use them for a gift bag, holding the cat treats for your furry friend, to keep on your kitchen counter with some cookies or muffins (with a ziploc inside so that they are kept fresh), holding your hair ties…or whatever you can think of.


  • Paper bag
  • Assorted paints (Cat pictured: Brown, black, cream)
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • 2 large wiggly eyes
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scraps of black and brown construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Paper plate
  • Clothespin(s)
  • Pompom(s)-medium

If you are wondering what we mean by “in the bag”, we are talking about a system to make crafting with your kiddos so much more doable! After all, hands-on activities are vital to a child’s development (plus so much fun!), but life is hectic. And something like crafting is often pushed aside for easier activities to access, like screen time or rough play. Check out the FILL YOUR BAG page to learn more and print the FREE shopping list for filling your craft bag so that you can make every single project on this blog, no exceptions!

Step 1

  • Draw bear ears about half-way up on the front of the paper bag
kitty gift bag kids craft
kitty gift bag step 1

Step 2

  • Cut along the black line
  • Trim the excess off the side and back of the bag so that there is a flat top everywhere except on the front (where you see the ears).
kitty gift bag kids craft
kitty gift bag step 2

Step 3

  • Pinch a pompom (medium) with the clothespin to form a “paint brush” for each paint
  • Squeeze a dab of paint for each color that is to be used on the paper plate
  • Paint the cat’s fur as desired. Use your imagination! There are not rules. Your cat could be purple with pink polka dots. Or it could look like your own little kitty.
  • Just dab on a light coat of paint (not too thick)
  • Allow the paint to dry
kitty gift bag kids craft
kitty gift bag step 3

This style of painting where the paint is dabbed on is a great way for kids to begin to learn how much pressure to use. Little ones often have difficulty with this skill, which is the area of sensory processing and propriopection. To learn more about proprioception, check out THIS post.

Step 4

  • Cut thin strips of black construction paper for whiskers
  • Cut a triangle with rounded corners out of brown construction paper (or another color if you prefer) for the nose
  • Use the glue stick to secure whiskers and nose
  • Use the Elmer’s glue to secure that wiggly eyes
kitty gift bag kids craft
kitty gift bag step 4
  • Use the black sharpie marker to draw on a mouth
  • Draw a small curve on each ear with the black sharpie marker
  • Open up the bag and fill it with goodies of your choice

My cat is a calico, but yours can be any type you like! I would love to see your finished kitty gift bag. Send pics and stories to

Save this craft for later…pin it to your favorite board!

kitty gift bag kids craft
kitty gift bag kids craft

Make the entire collection!

animal gift bags kids crafts
animal gift bags kids crafts
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